About Global Career Company

From Our CEO

“Global Career Company has been at the heart of international recruitment for over 10 years, working with companies across Africa,  to recruit internationally-based graduates and professionals back into jobs within their home countries.

Our mission is unlock the power of Africa’s talent, whether they are already in the area, or working or studying overseas.

We work across a range of sectors and industries to help our clients manage change, create competitive advantage and position themselves as employers of choice in their region.

Global Career Company is an innovative talent consultancy, unlocking and enabling the power of Africa’s talent by helping the continent’s employers to recruit and optimise their people. Founded in 2002, Global Career Company’s initiatives support employer branding, global sourcing, executive search, talent insight and advisory; delivered by a network of local talent experts across Africa, our GCC Associates, and supported by our global African Talent Network.”

Rupert Adcock, CEO, Global Career Company