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What Africell Does

Africell is a pan-African mobile telecommunications operator. We are US-owned and UK-headquartered and currently serve over 12 million subscribers in sub-Saharan Africa. Our goal is to bring meaningful competition and innovation to the markets in which we operate, unlocking the power of mobile communications to drive digital transformation at all levels of society. Our goal is to gives our customers more products of a better quality at lower prices. Africell offers a range of internet services including ultra-fast 4G connectivity and mobile money, a frontier technology with the potential to transform Africa’s financial landscape. In addition to our core mobile telecommunications business, Africell pursues various high-impact social initiatives, collaborating with individuals and organisations in the fields of education, healthcare, sport, entertainment, media and humanitarian work and offering our expertise and resources for good causes.

Our Difference

Africell has an entrepreneurial spirit. Our goal is to do things differently and better. Wherever we operate, Africell’s priority is to bring genuine competition and cutting-edge innovation to the telecoms sector in a way that ultimately benefits consumers. We serve millions of customers in multiple countries across sub-Saharan Africa. Africell thrives in environments where our focus on quality, reliability, affordability leads to better choice and provides the mobile connectivity needed for families and businesses to get ahead. As a mobile telecommunications company, we are rooted in the communities we serve. Our business is built from the ground up. That is why, despite being a pan-African operator, we also have a local focus and flavour. Every Africell customer is valuable, and we take pride in listening to them, understanding their needs, and adapting what we offer accordingly. All of our employees are our customers (or potential customers), so we are uniquely able to engage employees in important questions of how to make our services better and more impactful. Africell has a long-term perspective. We work closely with governments, other businesses and civil society to drive positive digital transformation. We believe that bringing better mobile connectivity to sub-Saharan Africa is a project from which everybody wins. Africell welcomes employees who share our aspiration for impact, who are prepared to embrace new challenges, who enjoy learning about people and technology, and who want their career to be a catalyst for positive change.

Our Culture

Africell’s culture is like our brand: bright, vibrant, and enthusiastic. Our sector rewards creative thinking because, in Africa and elsewhere, telecoms is at the forefront of innovation and change. Africell employees are encouraged to generate and act on ideas for improving how we do business. Many of the initiatives that have been most successful for Africell (whether technical, commercial or related to social impact) have their origins in the great ideas of our employees, and we are proud to have a culture in which employees have the opportunity to be creative and fulfil their potential. As a major private sector company in each of our operating markets, we also recognize a responsibility to business in a professional and transparent way. Integrity is at the heart of Africell™’s culture. Africell employees are required to do what is right, rather than what is convenient. Our reputation is one of our most important assets and is a source of legitimacy with the communities we serve. Employees are expected to conduct themselves to high standards at all times. The result is a team and company we are all proud of.

Roles with Africell

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Our Employer Value Proposition

Learning New Skills

Africell employs over a thousand people in diverse roles across multiple countries. Our team boasts deep knowledge and experience earned over twenty years operating a successful telecoms business in Africa. Africell employees are encouraged to work hard, be creative, and solve problems. This includes being empowered with skills needed to tackle unfamiliar challenges safely and effectively. Where employees need specific technical skills to do their jobs, specialist technical training will be provided (either in-house or through trusted external sources). Employees are encouraged to pursue their own vocational or academic interests and when clearly beneficial to their role, will be assisted with balancing work commitments. Africell has a culture of internal knowledge-sharing, and high-performers have the opportunity to spend time working in multiple operating markets, gaining a wider perspective and sharing best practices with colleagues across the Group. Although Africell is careful to recruit people who already boast skills and experience relevant to their roles, we recognize that constant learning is a precondition for success in the fast-moving telecoms sector, so all employees – from engineers, to drivers, to lawyers – receive the support they need.


Africell offers competitive pay and benefits with respect to the standards of our sector, the nature of the roles we hire for, and the geographies we operate in.


As a mobile network operator in emerging markets, Africell seeks a positive legacy not only in our core telecoms business but also in our interactions with the wider community. Employees at Africell can therefore make an impact in numerous ways. First, by working on the front line with customers, employees engage with ordinary people every day, ensuring that the benefits of mobile communications feel welcoming and accessible to them rather than confusing and exclusionary. Second, Africell employees at all levels are encouraged to participate in the diverse social initiatives Africell runs in our operating markets: from sponsoring schools, to funding sports, to conserving heritage, to protecting vulnerable landscapes. These initiatives have a local focus and are designed in collaboration local stakeholders, but in aggregate they make a huge difference to the communities we serve. Finally, as a leading technology company in sub-Saharan Africa, Africell frequently works directly with governments, NGOs and other businesses in pursuit of broader social or humanitarian goals. Our network and resources make us the partner of choice when significant mobilization is required, and employees have the opportunity to work on impactful projects such as disease and disaster response, widening access to information, and digital literacy education.


All Africell employees receive comprehensive health insurance, with specific policy details details depending on the country one is hired in.

Our Leadership

Magase Mogale
Group Chief Legal Officer

Magase Mogale is Africell’s Group Chief Legal Officer. Based in Africell’s London headquarters, Magase ensures that Africell operates compliantly in all jurisdictions and manages the significant legal complexity attending a sector like telecoms and a region like sub-Saharan Africa. Magase was named ‘In-house Market maker of the Year 2021’ at the prestigious IFLR Africa Awards, the global standard of excellence for legal work relating to Africa. Commenting on the award, Magase explained that “whether it is entering new markets, working towards game-changing new investments, or conducting our daily business to the highest standards of governance, Africell presents endless of opportunities for fascinating and challenging legal work. The award-winning efforts of Magase and his team should inspire bright young lawyers to consider Africell for an exciting career move. It should also inspire applicants from other disciplines, who can feel confident that at all levels of the organization – from law, to engineering, to finance, to marketing, to HR – Africell shows leadership and drives innovation in the sector.

Our People

Victoria Ndirangu

Base Station Controller, Sierra Leone

“Telecoms is a great sector in which to put my engineering background into practice. The smooth functioning of our mobile network requires the careful operation of millions of individual pieces of high-tech equipment. Africell’s network is also what allows our subscribers to stay connected to friends and loved ones. This makes the role of being an engineer at Africell both challenging and rewarding because if we fail, the system fails, and customers lose out.”

Laetitia Ngeleka

Head of Corporate Sales, DRC

Africell enjoys relationships with many types of customer, including both individual consumers and entire organisations. As head of corporate sales in DRC, I engage directly with companies and organisations that have a need for reliable, affordable and high-quality telecommunications services at scale. Working with corporate customers and designing a commercial strategy for that specific segment of the market requires a unique skillset, and I have had the opportunity to build a grow and team of excellent sales professionals.


Corporate Affairs Director, Gambia

“As a significant corporate player in the countries in which operate, people are naturally interested in what Africell is doing and what our plans are. PR, communications and marketing are extremely important functions in the company because they allow us to express ourselves and convey important messages to our most important audiences including the general public, of course, but also including governments, investors, and media. Africell takes pride in doing business transparently and communicating well is key to that.”

Danielle Watling

Finance & Strategy Associate, UK

“The industry we operate in has the potential to deliver positive social impact on a large scale. This defines the culture at Africell. We want to provide customers a better range of high-quality products at affordable prices, and we want to do so in a way that creates long-term social and economic benefits for the communities we work in. Working in the strategy team, I have hands-on involvement in shaping our approach.”

Your Career With Africell

Africell takes an opportunistic approach to recruitment, hiring both according to our strategic business needs and when we find exceptionally talented people who we believe will be a long-term asset to the business. The hiring process varies from role to role and from operating market to operating market, but throughout, you will receive clear communication of requirements, next steps, and outcomes.

Application Process

Africell hires people at all career stages, from fresh graduates to senior executives. The pathway of each Africell employee is unique, reflecting a person’s specific role and the skills they bring. Africell has a relatively high average tenure of employment. Employees often work for Africell for a long time, and many in leadership positions have been with the business since it launched in 2001, helping to transform a small start-up into an international brand. Africell gives ambitious people the opportunity to invest in a long-term project with scope for significant personal and professional growth. The long average tenure does not mean that it is hard for recent recruits to succeed at Africell, and we thrive on welcoming new people. We hire strategically for key roles and let successful candidates make an impact and drive change from day one. Africell also takes an enlightened approach to movement within the Group. We currently operate in four countries, but we are single team, and facilitating travel for high-performing employees between operating markets is how we build culture, raise standards, and bring the operations closer together. If you join Africell, you will be able to experience different parts of the Group, widening your horizons and expanding your network.