Audit & Risk Manager

Job Description

Responsible for conducting audit and risk assessment to identify and report any existing and/or potential MM risks on daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

Job Context:
  • Deliver the MM audit and risk department plan as per Board of Supervisor requirements. 
  • Responsible for conducting continuous MM operational and financial risk assessment and ensuring corrective action by the designated staff. 
Key Responsibilities 
  • Compilation of annual Afrimoney audit and risk plan to ensure implementation of the AAMMSA’s Internal audit, risk and control policies. 
  • Breakdown and communicate the Afrimoney risk profile into clear risk-elimination KPI’s for each functional unit for their implementation. 
  • Development of audit and risk tools to be used by Afrimoney staff in eliminating and combating fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. 
  • Continuously audit the activity of transaction reversals requests from customers or agents in line with internal reversals process workflow, controls and policy. 
  • Conduct regular review and resolution of disputed transactions in the reconciliation process, to ensure that the designated department effects timely reconciliation and closure of any problems. 
  • Continuously audit the implementation of Afrimoney account-blocking and unblocking activity, procedure and mechanism to prevent any suspended accounts from being transacted . 
  • Conduct audit of the Afrimoney unregistered user payments activity and utilisation of the any intermediate accounts to ensure complete reconciliation payments effected by the disbursements section. 
  • Conduct regular in-depth audits of all agreements with each financial partner including government entities, banks, interoperability partners, IMT providers, ATM providers, and processors (hubs / clearing houses, to ensure that liability is clearly assigned and processes are implemented correctly between the parties. 
  • Regularly audit the Afrimoney Inter-Bank and wallet account transfers, reconciliation, settlement activity and process to eliminate any financial risk that may arise. 
  • Conduct watchlist screening – against United Nations and other terrorist watch lists and against applicable sanctions lists, and any others nominated by Financial Intelligence Unit for all Afrimoney customers and agents upon registration and regularly thereafter. 
  • Compile and blacklist all mobile money fraud perpetrators and notify all Afrimoney Angola Mobile Money S.A Staff to ensure that they are blocked to prevent fraudsters from carrying out the same fraud. 
  • Work closely with appointed external audit firm and Bank Nacionale de Angola Staff to ensure timely implementation of any audits with active participation of all designated Staff and partners. 
  • Internally audit and verify the daily, weekly and monthly financial and operational revenue, PnL, financial position, inventory, payables, receivables, fee-share, bank position and recharge reports to validate the management information submitted by designated line managers. 
  • Maintenance of both physical and electronic audit records including customer identification, , transactions, system access, change records, suspicious activity reports as required by Banco Nacionale de Angola. 
  • Prepare the weekly, monthly and quarterly audit and risk reports for onward submission to Director of Operations, Head Of Finance, CEO, CFO, Board of Directors and Bank Nacionale de Angola. 
  • Work closely with Afrimoney’s technical team to regularly track and verify Afrimoney platform users activity vis a vis their authorised rights and roles to ensure strict observance of the permitted activity. 
  • Any other duties as may assigned by the supervisory committees.

Personal Specification

Education & Experience
  • Minimum of a Diploma or Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Admin, Commerce, IT or a related field. 
  • Minimum 5 years experience in Audit and Risk level or a related environment. 
  • Computer Knowledge in Financial Discipline, MS Excel, Word, Power Point, Digital Payments Systems 
  • Must have a high level of integrity, be a team player and adhere to time keeping. 
  • Experience in Audit and Risk Management in the financial services area will be an added advantage. 
  • Able to communicate complicated operational issues, with effective presentation skills. 
  • Self-motivated, flexible and able to work with negligible supervision. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Strong analytical and investigative skills. 
  • Able to work under pressure and promptly meet deadlines. 







Job Level

Mid-Senior Level