Back Office Assistant

Job Description


The Back Office Technician is responsible for investigating and providing technical solutions to call center inquiries. He/she will act as liaison with the Network Operations Center to escalate tickets beyond Call Center capabilities. Reporting to the Back Office Supervisor, the technician will document all inquiries brought to his/her attention and the associated solution. The Back Office Supervisor will take this report and update processes and procedures within the call center to limit the requirement to escalate in the future. He/she meets with other units/sections to gather information to document problems, build files, analyse the problems and update policies and procedures to address similar problems in the future. He/she also meets subscribers/customers to gather feedback, bring solutions, and assist customers supporting overall customer care. 


Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Investigates escalation tickets from the Contractor to handle subscribers/customers problems reported by call center and POS. 
  • Check customer’s history on billing system and summarize it in a short report. 
  • Investigate customer’s complaint within the company and meet with billing staff, switch and others as needed. 
  • Analyse solutions to highlight errors and mistakes, recommend alternative solutions and actions. 
  • Report findings to supervisor with recommendations to improve call center agent’s capabilities.. 
  • Implement solutions as approved by the Back Office Coordinator, Department Director and Network Operations Center. 
  • Call customer to gather feedback and meet with those requesting further live explanations. 
  • Assist customers to undergo procedural issues when needed. 
  • Summarize daily activities in an end of day report to be sent to supervisor with a copy to the Unit Manager. 
  • Carry out other duties as designated by supervisor. 
  • Handle delicate special problems such as preventive fraud tracking and similar issues added. 

Personal Specification

Education and Experience

  • BA/BS Degree in Business, Sociology, Psychology or equivalent.
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in customer care or related field.

 Job Requirements and Qualifications

  • Fluent in English & Portuguese, other languages are plus.
  • Knowledge of Word & Excel
  • Understanding of telecommunications and integration of network operations
  • Excellent communication and listening skills, time management, advanced computer and organizational skills
  • Exceptional presentation ability, proactive approach, energy, enthusiasm and high work ethic, positive attitude, accurate, customer & quality oriented, and team player
  • Reliable, decisive, pleasant, dynamic, cooperative, patient, polite, good communicator and listener







Job Level

Entry Level