Chief Marketing Officer

Job Description

Mission/Core Purpose
Provide strategic direction to ensure that MTN Liberia leads on value delivery and innovation beyond traditional telecom towards increasing revenue generation, growth from new/existing products and improved brand value.


  • MTN Liberia Strategy, business plan, mission, and vision 
  • Expectations from MTN LIBERIA Shareholders to deliver world class service 
  • Increased level of competition in the Nigerian telecommunications industry 
  • MTN Liberia’s growing subscriber base with high expectations and contribution to national development plans. 
  • A rapidly changing and evolving telecommunications environment 
  • Highly dynamic environment 
  • Changing and evolving technology and use of Big Data to deliver more effective customer support programmes. 
  • Emerging business trends in outsourcing, M&A, Partnerships, and alliances 
  • Increasing competition for share of wallet with FMCGs and disrupting technologies. 
  • Optimal budgeting to enable customer related imperatives 
  • Regulatory compliance and customer information privacy 
  • Superior Customer experience and Brand leadership 
Key Performance Areas
 Role Complexity: 
  • Extract value from what we already have through focused enterprise-wide activities such as: business optimization projects, contracts review and negotiation, capital/budget efficiency activities etc. 
  • Innovation – identifying and taking advantage of new business opportunities at the enterprise-level e.g. new business opportunities, products launched, product/process innovation, structural changes etc. 
  • Maintain leadership in the ICT/Digital industry by influencing national legislations & policies, participating in national/industry think-tanks, building & extending (inter) national B-2-B and similar relationships, etc. 
  • Enhance/expand MTN’s role in the national and global economy/ecosystem through participation as a thought leader, executing national CSR projects, engaging in (inter) national non-ICT policy & think-tank activities, data analysis etc. 
  • Enterprise-wide people leadership activities in coaching, staff development and motivation through, e.g., employee networks sponsorship/support, enterprise talent mentorship and coaching, employee engagement projects, faculty roles, etc. 
  • Generic activities necessary for positive business outcomes such as: supporting recruitment, thought leadership/execution as internal (interview/disciplinary) panel member, influencing next level leaders (e.g., at Group), cross-functional initiatives, etc.
  • Extract value from Brand theme campaigns and monitor brand reputation of MTN LIBERIA.
  • Develop framework, policies and procedures to guide Marketing & Strategy operations (marketing, brand management, research, intelligence gathering, media promotions, etc.) and to enable the division to provide high quality services to customers and attain set goals and objectives of MTN Liberia. 
Levels of Work
Overall Objective:
  • Ensures strategic alignment to the long-term vision and strategic intent linked to a broad holistic perspective. Leads thinking around control of capital revenue, expenditure and cost reduction. Ensures compliance and relationships at a macro community, industry, government and regulatory level. 
  • Manages the execution and implementation of strategy through working with and across functions, multiple processes, discipline technologies, products and customer segments, whilst concurrently leading the introduction of new/future processes, technologies, products, and customers segments. 

Personal Specification


  • Fluent in English 
  • First degree in Business Administration, Marketing or a related discipline 
  • Possession of a Post-graduate degree in Marketing, Finance, or an MBA is required 
  • Minimum 12 years’ work experience including: 
  • 5 years leadership experience heading the marketing function of a large organization/ FMCG. 
  • At least 3 years’ experience in relevant sector/ industry 
  • Deep social media awareness & digitally savvy 
  • Expert level experience using analytics to drive marketing efforts 
  • Proven experience managing a large marketing budget 
  • Experience working in a global/multinational enterprise with a good understanding of emerging markets 
  • Worked across diverse cultures and geographies 
  • Proven track record of a start-up, shut-down and/or business improvement project 
  • Emerging technologies and business impact 
  • Competitor Insights/Business Analytics 
Quality Standards (KPIs)
Financial Perspective (20%) – Value created through enterprise-wide business growth:  
  • Enterprise Financial Health (Revenues, EBITDA, AFCF & other financial health ratios), translating revenue growth formula & objectives into results 
  • New business growth from data access, ICT & Digital to sustain and compliment traditional revenues
  • Business growth, value created & cost-effectiveness achieved by process optimization, new initiatives and improved operations/ways of work etc.; 
  • Business optimisation projects include contracts review and negotiation, capital/budget/asset efficiency activities. 

Internal Perspective (20%) – Value created from executing enterprise-wide operations: 

  • Value created by increase in customer base, product sales, contracts signed etc. for enterprise-wide digital products and services. 
  • New business opportunities from products launched, sector/market growth, product/process innovation, structural changes, process reviews/audit implementation etc., across the company. 

Customer Perspective (20%) – Value created from Customer engagement & Operations: 

  • Impact include positive companywide engagement indices (Net Promoter Score), realigning the organization to achieve NPS objectives, holistic customer insight management & engagement (traditional & new business) 

Stakeholder Perspectives (15%) – Value created through effective stakeholder management: 

  • Benefits accruing to MTN/Telecom industry from specific leadership actions.. Benefits can be in form of legislations or policies influenced, tariff revisions, improved competitiveness, improved operating environment, Industry or Economic leadership position secured, improved corporate citizenship and/or brand preference etc. 
  • Deliberate ecosystem management to achieve business objectives (value creation), brand value & corporate positioning 

People (Learning & Growth) (15%)- Value created through Positive Impact on People, culture & and Leadership Development: 

  • Impact include satisfaction index on the VB’s and GCA survey dimensions/employee engagement index, attraction and retention of talent, efficiency of divisional structure to deliver on business objectives, collaborative work culture (Planning & execution), number/types of staff being coached/mentored, employee networks supported, faculty or interviewing roles, Enterprise leadership responsibilities & role modelling, successful engagement at Group, Board, Change Management, Enhancing MTN’s profile as employer of choice and instilling company pride/passion etc. 







Job Level