Compliance Officer

Job Description

Ensure compliance with relevant legislation e.g. BBBEE codes, POPI Act and Employment Equity Act etc.;

o   Interpretation of BBBEE, POPI and EE related legislation and impact thereof on the organisation;

o   Establish and monitor a BBBEE dashboard to track progress against agreed targets;

o   Support the Management team to drive the process of BBBEE transformation;

o   Identify and implement BBBEE initiatives to support the business in maintaining / improving BBBEE compliance and scoring;

o   Responsible for BBBEE verification process including liaising with Verification agent and internal stakeholders to ensure alignment throughout the process;

o   Develop an effective internal and external stakeholder communication processes that specify the current and expected status of the organisation’s BBBEE strategy;

o   Auditing / Monitoring of all legislative projects within the South African Business; 

Job accountabilities / Key responsibilities:

The candidate must have the ability to interpret BBBEE compliance related legislation & codes and develop & implement a management process for adherence and compliance with such legislation, including but not limited to BBBEE, POPI and EEA in South Africa.  Providing guidance on new initiatives or the re-calibration of existing initiatives and processes will be required.  Responsible for 1) monitoring and improving the BBBEE credentials of Aggreko Energy Rentals SA as well as managing the rating application and preparation, 2) compliance with EE Act and reporting to DoL and 3) ensuring compliance of the business with POPI Act. 

o   Develop an implementation plan and associated policies and procedures;

o   Liaise with the relevant stakeholders to address compliance indicators;

o   Liaise and interface with the Procurement function to ensure procurement spend maximised with compliant suppliers;

o   Provide BBBEE status update on a monthly basis (tracking progress and actions to address gaps);

o   Provide feedback and monthly reports to the Management team in terms of all compliance related initiatives and requirements for the business; 

o   Facilitate and deliver BBBEE, and/ or EEA and/ or POPI Act presentations and workshops to Management, Internal and external stakeholders;

Coordinate BBBEE related activities:

o   Management Control; 

o   Preferential procurement;

o   Employment Equity;

o   Skills Development;

o   Corporate Social Investment; and 

o   Enterprise Development;

Personal Specification

o   B Degree + relevant courses;

o   Minimum 5 – 10 years’ experience in SLP / SED / CSI / BBBEE;

o   Analytical skills;

o   Ability to understand, integrate and manipulate complex problems and solutions;

o   Analysis and interpretation of proposals focusing on developmental returns, poverty alleviation and life improvement merits for previously disadvantaged groups;

o   Passion for development and social value creation;

o   General understanding of the South African socio-economic landscape;

o   Communication, interpersonal and management skills;

o   Strong written and verbal communication skills;

o   Ability to establish and foster good stakeholder relationships;

o   Ability to plan, prioritise, mobilise and schedule resources;

o   Team-player and change agent with management and negotiation skills;

o   Project and programme Management: Implementation, monitoring and evaluation;

o   Availability to travel as and when required;

o   In possession of a valid local driving license;

Desired skills:

o   Excellent communication skills with the ability to interact with all organisational levels;

o   Fluent command of English language, spoken and written;

o   Ability to empathize and understand perspectives of others;

o   Effective time management skills;

o   Excellent computer skills; 

o   Numerate and understand how to manipulate quantitive data;

o   High level of commitment and loyalty;

o   Quality oriented with attention to details and capable of working to deadlines and under pressure;

o   Capable of working on own initiative;

o   Able to work long hours in demanding conditions;

Desired behaviors:

o   Change orientation – describes how an individual identifies the need for improvement and change;

o   Drive for results – a deep seated inner desire to compete against standards of excellence and achieve “step changes” in business result;

o   Holding people accountable – the ability to give clear and unambiguous direction to individuals and teams about what they need to do in order to meet the organisations objectives;

o   Building capability – developing individuals and groups in order to increase the capability of the whole organisation;

o   Compelling communication – recognising that clear communication is the key to understanding;

o   Leading others – the ability to create a compelling vision of the future and to provide inspiration, clarity and direction;

o   Customer insight – the ability to understand the markets that customers operate in, to use this to identify underlying needs and then to apply this in a way that gives Aggreko a competitive advantage;

o   Strategic thinking – the ability to identify patterns or connections between information and situations that are not obviously related and to identify key or underlying issues in a complex picture;

o   High standard of business morals and ethics;

o   Highly committed to Aggreko and its products;

o   Courage and Conviction – the ability to create a sense of excitement about taking on new challenges and a belief in your capabilities to deliver results;

o   Relentless preparation – preparing thoroughly for all important management decisions;



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