Head of Legal

Job Description

Mission/Core purpose of the job

This individual will be the legal adviser to the heads of different departments with the task of minimising the risks associated with decisions and optimising legal opportunities. They will be responsible for all legal and administrative aspects relating to the company’s activities, and the head of strategy of the legal department. They are the head of the legal department and the secretary of the company.

Key Job Responsibilities

Staff Leadership and Management
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Responsible for self-learning and development
  • Ensure work is consistent with its functional area
  • Responsible for meeting and prioritising its own objectives and deadlines
  • Provide the supervisor with information on the work done by the department and on individual and team issues
  • Contribute to team meetings and contribute if necessary to specialised/technical areas
  • Review and report on functional performance to the supervisor


Adhoc and Operational Meetings

  • Works with the aim of achieving the operational objectives of the area of work, having a direct impact on the results of the department
  • Provides a measurable contribution to new processes or standards in operational plans that will have some impact on the achievement of overall function results
  • Defined objectives for its own area of work to meet the objectives or goals of projects and missions


  • Resolve escalations in accordance with the procedures and resolutions defined in this regard by the group 
  • Design and implement operational changes and provide a corresponding user impact assessment


Improve productivity and quality through best practice initiatives


Provide information to the hierarchical superior (as required) on the progress made within the department and in accordance with the measures set by the company

Tasks, Responsibilities & Authority 

Legal Department

  • Design, define and implement the legal strategy
  • Supervise on a daily basis the tasks entrusted to the legal advisor 
  • Issue legal opinions to the CEO at their request
  • Validate and develop contracts with a sensitive scope for the company
  • Supervise the management of relations with lawyers and the daily monitoring of all cases and disputes before the courts and tribunals

Secretary of the company

  • Draw up the minutes of the partners’ resolutions and ensure that the administrative formalities are completed within the legal deadlines
  • Actively participate in all meetings of professional organisations
  • Establish and maintain relations with public administrations 
  • Design and coordinate activities relating to the societal responsibility of the company (e.g. CSR)
  • Ensure the up-to-date information of the company’s strategic information

Site Acquisition Management

  • Supervise the acquisition of the   site: approval of the lease agreement, control of the report of the acquisitions of the sites, verification of the authorisations required by law
  • Ensure compliance with environmental laws: ensure that environmental impact studies are carried out 
  • Control payments 
  • Supervise complaints from residents and ensure that requests are complied with
Support for administration and human resources:
  • Monitoring and advice on contracts managed directly by Human Resources
  • Provide advice on the design and execution of employment contracts  
  • Permanent member of the disciplined commission
Support for the service: fiscal and para-fiscal:
  • Actively participate in the management of pre-litigation and litigation files
  • Ensure compliance with the legal provisions relating to the recovery of duties due to the State.
Project Management:
  • Design the projects (definition of the product, objectives, project members)
  • Supervise the implementation of the projects (monitoring, evaluation and control of reports).
Management of jurisdiction
  • Team members
  • Oversee recruitment 


  • Ensure the required site updates are carried out
  • Ensure that reports are controlled and transmitted 
  • Updating the register and monitoring of actions relating to regulatory monitoring.

Key performance indicators

  • Ensure that the process, policies and procedures are followed
  • Demonstrate the company’s values
  • Value created through stakeholder engagement.
  • Value created by process improvement. 

Personal Specification


  • Bachelor’s degree in law
  • MBA diploma will be an asset

Work Experience

  • 5-7 years of professional experience and at least 5 in the legal field


  • Knowledge of the local legal, judicial and administrative environment 
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken)  


  • Administration of the corporate secretariat
  • Legal notice
  • Legislation and compliance
  • Legislative and policy follow-up
  • Litigation Management
  • Corporate governance, risk and control
  • Managing stakeholder relations
  • Business sense
  • Crisis management
  • Regulatory and legal
  • Gestion of contracts
  • Human resources and personnel development
  • Ethics and compliance


  • Visionary and result-oriented 
  • Able to design and implement a strategy
  • Great at planning, monitoring, executing and controlling
  • Good understanding of problems and ability to propose solutions
  • Able to mobilize strategic information for the company 
  • Customer-centric
  • Strong management of stakeholder relations
  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent communicator

Behavioural Strengths

  • Passionate about well-done teamwork 
  • Excellent level of communication and able to influence
  • Great ability to listen, learn and open-minded
  • Honest and responsible
  • Advanced sense of leadership and team spirit
  • Positive interpersonal relationships






Job Level

Mid-Senior Level