Marketing Generalist

Job Description

Positions holders are responsible for advancing business growth by disseminating information that promotes a favorable view of the organisation and its products and services

Activities include:

  • Developing and implementing advertising/promotional campaigns
  • Responsible for supporting lead generation
  • Conducting market research and identifying and predicting current and future customer trends, focusing on B2B  Promotional materials creation and distribution
  • Creating, translating and/or coordinating the production and localisation of advertising and promotional materials  Identifying the optimal mix of advertising and promotional media channels that align with defined customer market segmentation and buyer personas (e.g., social media, website, radio/television, publications, billboards, etc.) 
  • Coordinating the activities of the company’s trade shows, congresses, promotions and events
  • Measuring advertising and promotion effectiveness for return-on-investment


Accountability Level:

  • Entry level professionals

Key Responsibilities:

  • Process incoming marketing data from a variety of sources: researches, alerts, data bases, feedbacks, reports  Support the analysis of campaign effectiveness and share insights, working towards continuous improvement
  • Generate messaging & artwork for advertisements, directories and brochures, case studies, and other marketing collateral  Participate in the events (exhibitions, conferences, road shows)
  • Use email, events, digital advertising, social media, PPC and SEO, to support product development  Use of online marketing and email broadcasting tools

Personal Specification

Typical Experience:

  • University Degree 

Desired Behaviours:

  • Drive for results – a deep seated inner desire to compete against standards of excellence and achieve “step changes” in business results. Task Completion – reliable, committed to completing tasks
  • Resilience – persistent, positive and self-reliant
  • Accountability – drives outcomes by taking personal responsibility
  • Working together with others – relates to people, engages and builds relationships



Energy & Utilities




Job Level