Supply Chain Coordinator

Job Description

Positions holders are responsible for work associated with obtaining products/services for all types of business processes applicable to the organisation including: 

  • Indirect Operations (e.g., Office Supplies, Computers, Travel, Maintenance, Machine Parts, etc.)
  • Direct Operations (e.g., Applications and Services for delivery to clients)
  • Activities include product/service sourcing, supplier selection, pricing/terms negotiation, order processing, contract administration, and supplier performance management

Accountability Level:

Entry level professionals

Key Responsibilities:

  • Procurement of direct and indirect materials, services and capital equipment to support the business requirements
  • Provides purchase orders support to internal customers and vendors, efficient prioritisation and completion of all associated document and communications, to ensure timely and cost effective purchasing 
  • Monitor and review contracts/agreements, pricing and performance, and engage with existing suppliers, to identify opportunities for rationalisation, consolidation and cost reduction for nominated spend categories
  • Support inventory optimisation where applicable, utilising analysis regarding slow moving/non-moving, excessive stock items, and items low in stock
  • Assist more senior buyers in a range of activities associated with purchasing goods, materials, supplies, and services on terms that are in the organisation’s best interest
  • Place purchase / service / material release orders from a master agreement
  • Enter data into databases or other computerised systems to maintain up-to-date supplier and contract information; to track purchase and the status of orders and deliveries; and to generate purchasing reports and statistics
  • Monitor the quality and timeliness of materials and goods supplied; follow-up the status of orders with suppliers to ensure timely delivery; and communicate status of orders with internal customers

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