CIM LONDON-LC Waikiki: Multiple Roles In TURKEY

Job Description


Job Description


&#149  International Retail Managing Director



&#149  None



&#149  Monitoring the retail activities operated by the franchisee in the region of KSA and other similar countries. To ensure that all the processes are in line with company and brand values and policies, by considering customer and partner satisfaction.

&#149  To be the main contact person in scope of managerial and technical topics and to represent TEMA in parallel to the company policies and franchise agreements

&#149  To collect data and provide feedbacks about the influences of range of merchandise and operational issues during the season and pre-season and proactively communicate with Buying, Planning and Allocation departments by collecting data from customers and understanding the SWOP (Sale-Without- Purchase).



1)  Communicating and directing franchisee for annual budget planning.

2)  Managing and preparing annual budgets and P&L tables for the franchise organizations under his responsibility. ( to get support from Finance Dept to prepare annual budgets etc…)

3)  Finalizing Franchise Agreements under his responsibility and renew these contracts when necessary ( the decision should be taken by a team)

4)  Managing the risk of investment by obtaining Letter of Guarantees and other kinds of deposits, collaterals etc. from the Franchisee parallel to Tema Risk Management Rules.

5)  Implementing and executing effective risk control systems (including Internal and External Audits) which enables foreseeing potential issues and get preventive actions in order to avoid problems. ( according to HOT or Franchise Contracts)

6)  Representing TEMA in the international business environment and contribute strategies of the company to  potential investors and existing franchisees

7)  Preparing, managing and consulting Purchasing and OTB plans parallel to confirmed budgets and ensuring the orders received from the franchisee are set on the system. (normally we replace the orders on behalf of the Franchisee)

8)  Preparing allocation and shipment plans and  to ensure that these plans are executed by logistics and  supply chain departments

9)  Monitoring current accounts and payments of franchisees and ensure payments are made on time.

10)  Implementing a Problem Solving Process for increasing sales and customer satisfaction on planning, product and service issues.

11)  Evaluating the merchandise sales/cover ratios and prepare reports about best seller and worse seller products by explaining the reasons

12)  Attending/Controlling seasonal trading and stock option meetings at the HQ. Passing on the informative data to the system with assessment of the country – store’s size and color requests in the light of the experience of the visits and trading meetings. (These meetings should be planned within the Int. Retail Dept)

13)  Collecting information about our range of merchandise with the competitors’ positions, products information and sharing this information to the relevant buyer groups.

14)  Identifying the customer expectations about prices, colors, and styles and communicate this data with relevant buyer groups.

15)  Liaise with relevant buyer-range groups to ensure the existing range of products in the store, has a best-match to the consumer demand on special days of the region, such as beginning and ending of discount periods, Eids-Bayrams, Christmas, new year, thanksgiving, Women’s Day, Newruz, Easter, opening/closing times of the schools.)

16)  Finding new customers in the area of his responsibility. Enlarging of his franchisee area and customers by convincing them to invest.

17)  Preparing mid-term, long-term company growing and expansion strategies for relevant country and regions by time, location and footage.

18)  Making SWOT analysis at least once in a year, which indicates the market growth, present actors and their powers, strategies and strength & threats, political, economic stability indicators, general trends in the relevant country.

19)  Evaluates applications regarding to franchising, makes research about acceptable candidates and reports results to Managing Director.

20)  Implementing Audit systems parallel to Tema Int. Stores Audit Principles and auditing the financial results, customer and employee satisfactions periodically and regularly and take the necessary actions to achieve the related targets at all aspects of retail business in the relevant countries. (Parallel to HOT nad Franchise Contract)

21)  Ensuring all implementations and all actions in trading and commercial relations are classified as “mandatory” and “advisory” rules and executed in the line with

a)  legal regulations of KSA

b)  Franchisee Operation Principles and Rules

c)  TEMA procedures – especially for the mandatory demands

22)  Building the infrastructure of the commercial relation by preparing Head of Terms, Franchise Agreement, rules and principles


Job Description
1. Auditing the Store activities according to Audit criteria to check whether they are in compliance with existing Store procedures, memorandums and legal regulations.
2. Participating in store inventory counting as Head of Inventory
3. Sending the audit and inventory reports to his/her function manager and the related departments. Examining audit and inventory reports when necessary.
4. Reports inappropriate situations to his/her manager during the audit and inventory process.
5. Preparing reports as per the audit and inventory analysis results.



Education & Language Skills

• Fluent English, Arabic
• University Degree

Professional Expertise
• Minimum 2 years of experience in store management or store operations auditing
• Knowledge of MS Office programs (preferably Excel)
• Knowledge of corporate procedures, regulations in Retail Operations
• Ability to use System tools (Retail store and Retail software)
• Ability to use technical tools (handheld terminals cash registers)
• Understanding of POS (Point of sale) and stock management software integration

Specific Competencies
• Being quality-oriented
• Adjustment (Flexibility)
• Effective communication skills
• Gripping the details
• Problem solving and analysis
• Information management
• Quantitative Thinking
• Ability to work in a multinational/multicultural environment
• Being Objective while executing his/her job

                                                     International Expansion Specialist MENA


&#149  Experienced in Retail leasing and expansion  on MENA region

&#149  Experienced in Leasing Contract and negotiations in International Leasing companies

&#149  Legal knowledge of Leasing and expansion

&#149  Ability to reside in Turkey, Istanbul

&#149  Excellent knowledge of local language (Arabic, Kurdish)

Job Description

&#149  Follows up the expansion activities ,finding new stores location in the region and submits the locations to the approval of operations director with standard corporate presentations and supports preparing ROCI

&#149  Creates new social networks and searches web sites in order to make preliminary survey of location searches.

&#149  Travel %70-80 of his/her time to field visits in the countries where new locations are searched

&#149  Follows up and makes negotiations for Head of Terms (HOT) process with the directions of operations director for the locations to be leased

&#149  Attends to leasing contract negotiation of expansion department with the directions of expansion director if necessary