C# Developer

Job Description

Preference is given to candidates with work authorisation in South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya and in other African countries

Main purpose

Design, code, debug and support software developed for internal and external clients. This will vary between designing and writing computer programs from scratch, modifying existing programs and designing and modifying database structures.

Ensure approved standards are implemented and maintained at all times to ensure continuity and supportability.

Key Performance Areas

Review & Interpret business requirements and technical specifications

  • Design solution to meet requirements into efficient code.
  • Modify database layouts to accommodate new requirements.
  • Test and debug code to produce error free programs.
  • Document test requirements for QA personnel.
  • Deliver solution within project guidelines and deadlines as reasonably determined
  • All the company and departmental procedures and rules must be followed in order to produce quality
  • Request clarity around system requirements as needed.

Code and develop native / web applications and services

  • Adhere to coding standards
  • Apply best practices
  • Ensure continuity on support by means of documentation and accurate release notes.
  • Comply with company standardization strategy pertaining to coding structure and standard

Investigate, analyse and rectify reported defects and shortcomings

  • Analyze and understand the reported issue.
  • Apply problem solving techniques to identify the optimum solution to the problem.
  • Modify the software to eliminate the problems.
  • Test and debug the software.
  • Determine that the solution submitted has been correctly applied.
  • As needed implement the customer solution.

Perform customer support duties where necessary.

  • Assist support personnel in identifying software related issues.
  • Effectively communicate with colleagues and customers around timeframes, issues, outstanding requirements and current status. Provide accurate feedback to helpdesk.
  • Perform any software changes with the necessary urgency.
  • Assist support personnel and customers where necessary with software support issues.

Performs related duties as assigned

  • Follow all procedures and rules as defined.
  • Source control.
  • Coding standards.
  • Testing and debugging.
  • QA documentation.

Minimum Requirements

  • Matric with mathematics as a subject as well as official and accredited programming certification or training.
  • A university diploma or degree with computer science or information systems as a subject is preferred.
  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience within C# – Dot.Net environment.
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience within the MS SQL environment.
  • Experience in systems design, coding and testing.
  • ASP.NET, WPF, Entity Framework, Model View Model, Web sites / pages, Web applications, services.
  • Delphi platform experience is an advantage 
  • Agile Project Management
  • Good command of spoken and written English