Job Description

Key Activities and Accountabilities:

1. Carry out analysis as requested safely and to Company and recognised HSEQ standards.

2. Register and monitor analysis instruments, carry out control and calibration and ensure that laboratory equipment is in good

working order.

3. Prepare and maintain procedures used in the laboratory and to participate in new analysis methods as required.

4. Maintain control procedures for sample storage and documentation.

5. Actively adhere to the Code of Conduct and Anti-Bribery policies, procedures and processes to ensure the highest ethical

standards are maintained and exposure to liability or risk to Expro’s reputation is minimised. If necessary, report possible

violations or conflicts of interest.

6. Actively adhere to and ensure compliance with applicable Quality policies, procedures, processes and systems. Take an

active part in quality improvement processes. Identify and report any deficiencies to supervisor and obtain authorisation for

any deviations from standard procedures.

7. Actively comply with all applicable Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) policies, procedures and processes. Promote HSE awareness; take responsibility and be accountable for own safety and safety of others. Demonstrate the personal application of HSE procedures in daily performance and always follow the 10 Safety House Rules.

8. Ensure objectives set under Employee Development Plan are met.

Job Knowledge and Qualifications:

4+ years experience with analytical and experimental laboratory work

Degree in chemistry, engineering or similar related qualification


Integrity/Compliance – behaves in a fair, honest and ethical manner toward others; adheres to Company Code of Conduct Interpersonal Sensitivity – identifies with and shows understanding or concern for others; values diversity

Technical – achieves and applies a competent level of technical and/or professional skill or knowledge relevant to the role

Safety Awareness – upholds safety standards

Developing Self – plans and progresses the development of own skills and abilities to realise their full potential

Self-motivated – has inner drive and motivation; self-directed and not dependent on others

Initiative – pro-active; makes things happen; takes the first step without prompting

Adaptability/flexibility – capable of adapting to others and new situations; flexible; can handle multiple tasks

Communication 3 – actively listens and receives information completely; demonstrates understanding of what is being communicated

Problem-solving – effective at solving problems, not just defining or complaining about them