Chief Marketing Officer

Job Description

About the company

The company is a leading development finance company that focusses exclusively on investing in small and growing businesses (SGBs) at the base of the SME pyramid. An entrepreneur-led business, the company was formally established in 2004 but grew out of the RAPS group of companies that has been investing in SMEs since 1999.

GroFin currently manages 7 funds on behalf of 25 international investors, development funders, banks, corporate and family foundations with committed capital in excess of USD350 million. We have on-the ground local teams in 14 offices across 12 countries in Africa and the Middle East and have done around 450 investments in local small and growing businesses so far, creating more than 15,000 jobs.

We invests in start-up and growing businesses at the base of the SME pyramid. These owneroperated businesses typically lack track record and collateral but are deemed viable with the appropriate business support. We invest through the integrated provision of business skills, market linkages and risk capital (US$100k – US$1.5m) and in ways that are financially sustainable.

Our investments are typically structured as medium-term risk capital typically through a self liquidating ‘mezzanine’ instrument with repayment linked to the cash flow of the investee. We manage risk through on-the ground teams and proven investment and support processes and have adopted a fully integrated approach to responsible investment, with ESG considerations at each step of the investment process to maximise impact and mitigate risk

Role summary

The key purpose of the role is to develop and implement a marketing and external communications strategy, brand building, and promotion of all businesses in Africa and the Middle East. Working hand-in-hand with the local operational offices, define and analyse a qualified universe of potential target audiences, which will include primary and secondary audiences. Once this is established, implement and execute the best product/ service solutions to derive the desired effect.

This may include advertising, promotions, participation in seminars, conferences and appropriate media exposure. Oversees development and implementation of support materials and services across company in the area of marketing, communications and public and investor relations. Directs the efforts of the marketing, communications and public and investor relations staff and coordinates at the strategic and tactical levels with the other functions of the Organization.

Specialised international development finance experience is essential for the role. Apart from normal marketing and communications responsibilities, the role holder will be required to cultivate thought leadership in the development finance environment, publish thought leadership articles, write grant proposals for development finance, provide in-depth development finance impact reports and provide and provide discourse in development finance public events.

The role will support our visionary approach to SME development, leveraging to the fullest our concrete evidence of performance as a pioneer in the sector. The outcomes of the role will allow for growth of our operational footprint, our SME client base as well as the growth and diversification of our international investor and funder base. It will further strengthen our market leadership position as a unique development finance organisation that delivers verifiable development impact.

Primary relationships

  • The position reports to the Chief Executive Officer and serves as a member of the Leadership team.
  • This position participates with the Group Leadership Team and other management staff in charting the direction of the organization, assuring its accountability to all constituencies, and ensuring its effective operation.
  • Within the organization, the position has primary working relationships with the CEO, leadership team, senior management team and staff of the Marketing function.
  • Outside the organisation, the position coordinates, primarily, with outsourced service providers

Role profile

Human Resources

  1. Development finance grant proposal writing
  2. Syndicated corporate and guest blogs
  3. Production design through social media
  4. In-depth development finance impact reporting
  5. Discourse in development finance public events
  • Excellent proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding the English language
  • Relevant qualification(s) in Marketing and Communications.
  • Minimum of 5 – 10 years’ experience in a similar role. 
  • Exposure to the Small and Growing Business (SGB) environment preferable.
  • Ambassadorial skills to manage the external environment and enhance the reputation of company
  • Customer management: driving investment activity growth through an effective go-to market strategy and acting as business partner to entrepreneurs and SMEs.
  • Experience in developing and managing budgets, and hiring, training and supervising staff.
  • Demonstrated successful experience in writing press releases, making presentations and
  • negotiating with media.
  • Experience overseeing the design and production of print materials and publications.
  • Commitment to working with shared leadership.
  • Ability to drive local marketing activation through superior (target market) client insight.
  • The self-awareness, integrity and coaching skills to model the values of the company.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills to interpret quantitative and qualitative analyses and to be
  • able to employ these results to address specific organization problems or challenges.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Self-motivated and enthusiastic