Commercial Graduate

Job Description

Position Summary

Being a part of our commercial team, you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in all sectors of our business. From Upstream (conventional and unconventional exploration and production), to Midstream (liquefaction, shipping and re-gasification), to Downstream (power generation, storage, transportation and optimisation, processing, gas and oil marketing) and LNG (supply and distribution)

Taking on this challenge, you’ll be a part of our ever-growing organisation. This is your chance to work at a rapidly growing business with real challenges, real rewards and a very real opportunity to progress your international career.

Key Accountabilities

During the IGDP you will complete placements within a number of different areas of the commercial function. You are expected to develop and build on a range of skills and behaviors, using placements to develop skills that will enable you to take on a position at the end of the two year programme.

Placements will be structured to give you the opportunity to develop a range of competencies to include the following:

  • Market / business analysis
  • Contractual arrangements
  • Economics
  • Law and legal frameworks
  • Strategy and project framing
  • Contracts and procurement processes and how these align to commercial activities
  • Finance basics regulatory regimes

You will be required to build your internal networks as widely as possible amongst peers, functional colleagues and colleagues in different departments. You will also be required to present your own projects results for peer and management review. You are likely to have exposure to a wide variety of business stakeholders as part of your development and time on the programme.

Every individual has a duty to both themselves and those around them to ensure that safe practice is adhered to at all times. In addition to any specific accountability for health, safety, security and the environment, all employees are accountable for ensuring that they take care of themselves and adopt exemplary safe behaviors.


Minimum qualification: 2:1 Bachelors Degree or Equivalent

Just as important as your academic qualifications are the personal, professional and business skills you are required to demonstrate and develop the following skills qualities and attributes:

  • You will need to exhibit strong collaborative behaviors and the confidence to lead cross-functional teams to drive the best business outcomes for BG.
  • You will need interpersonal skills such as empathy, challenge and mental resilience
  • You will need to demonstrate self-awareness; the ability to adapt, learn from feedback and take on new experiences that may not play to existing strengths
  • You will need to display commercial knowledge, and a strong ethical awareness
  • You will need to be highly organised, managing a challenging workload, comfortable writing reports and giving presentations
  • You will need a keen eye for detail and an analytical approach to work
  • Fluency in English is a must; we are a global business therefore a second or third language is highly desirable.

Since at least one or more of your placements will be based overseas, you must be prepared to live and work away from home for extended periods. You are expected to build internal and external networks amongst peers and BG colleagues. You must also have the confidence, influence, patience and cultural sensitivity to make the most of this opportunity.