Coordinator for the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA)

Job Description

About the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa

Only 38% of the African population has access to electricity, less than 10% is connected to the internet and only 25% of Africa’s road network is paved. To address these deficits, the African Heads of State and Government adopted the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) in January 2012 as the strategic infrastructure framework on the continent. PIDA improves energy supply, regional transport corridors, internet connectivity as well as trans-boundary water management and thus is a key driver for socio-economic development and intra-African trade. On the continental level, the Commission of the African Union (AUC) is responsible for the political steering of PIDA whilst the NEPAD Agency facilitates the technical implementation.

The first Priority Action Plan (PIDA-PAP 1: 2012-2020) comprises more than 400 infrastructure projects, out of which more than a third are already operational or under construction. AUC and its partners are currently starting the process to develop the PIDA-PAP 2 (2020-2030) which defines the infrastructure priorities of the next decade to pave the way for an integrated, industrialized and service-oriented Africa. In its new phase, the GIZ “Support-to-PIDA”-Program supports the AUC and the NEPAD Agency with the promotion of regional infrastructure development by designing an integrated, employment-oriented and gender-sensitive corridor approach as the conceptual basis for future infrastructure development; by supporting a consultative and systematic process to define African infrastructure priorities in the PIDA-PAP 2; by attracting private sector resources for African infrastructure development; and by improving the quality of (early-stage) project preparation. GIZ is now searching for a senior expert to support AUC with the political and strategic steering of these processes as the so-called PIDA Coordinator.

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About the role 

The PIDA Coordinator, seconded to the Department for Infrastructure and Energy at AUC (AUC-DIE), will be responsible for the overall coordination of the PIDA-process with a focus on the following tasks

  • Coordinate on PIDA/infrastructure matters with key stakeholders (esp. within AUC, with the NEPAD Agency, the Regional Economic Communities, the AU Member States, the African Development Bank and other PIDA financiers, the civil society, the private sector
  • Facilitate the high-level political process of the development of the PIDA-PAP 2 to agree upon Africa`s infrastructure priorities of the next decade
  • Advise AUC-DIE on improved development of regional infrastructure on the continent and conduct respective actions to implement recommendations
  • Coordinate PIDA communication activities to increase visibility and awareness on infrastructure/ PIDA matters and projects
  • Facilitate Member States and partner coordination around PIDA and regional infrastructure matters
  • Prepare and manage related PIDA consultancies, e.g. on the development of the integrated corridor approach
  • Support AUC-DIE Director with PIDA project management related activities , e.g. management of PIDA Unit at AUC-DIE, budget formulation, impact monitoring and reporting
  • Follow-up and report on implementation of joint AUC-NEPAD-GIZ objectives with respect to PIDA


  • At least a Masters’ degree in political science, economics, engineering or another relevant academic field
  • Longstanding work experience in infrastructure development in Africa,
  • Work experience in financing infrastructure projects
  • Proven track record of the coordination and facilitation of high-level political processes on the African continent
  • Many years of work experience in international organizations; work experience within AU institutions as a clear advantage
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Excellent mastery of English and French
  • Strong computer skills (Microsoft Office, internet research, social media, other digital tools)
    If we caught your interest, we are looking forward to your application until 11/11/2018.

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