Country Manager – Mauritania

Job Description

ECCBC was founded in 1997 as a joint venture between Cobega and The Coca-Cola Export Co. ECCBC has its headquarters in Barcelona and operates in 13 countries in North and West Africa.

Key facts and figures about ECCBC:

  • Turnover of €608 million
  • 186 million unit cases (1,055 million litres of drink)
  • 13 Operations in 13 countries
  • 14 plants
  • 46 production lines
  • 6,263 employees
  • Multicultural environment (English, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish)

 The Role

The Country Manager will be the most senior person in the country and focuses on four main pillars: Customer & Commercial Leadership, PAC, Coordination and Governance: 

  1. CUSTOMER & COMMERCIAL LEADERSHIP (Majority of focus as Country Manager)
  • Define & execute commercial plans aligned with strategic guidelines.
  • Develop and manage route to market configuration to enable system efficiency and profitability.
  • Define and execute marketing plans.
  • Develop route to market strategic plans.
  • Manage the commercial team on a daily basis involved in all operational tasks.
  • Manage trade market execution.
  • Ensure that all relevant procedures and policies are compliant with market requirements and adhered too.
  • Control and monitor budgets.
  1. PAC (Public Affairs)

To represent and safeguard the brand at country level:

  • Define and manage available resources in the country in accordance to the corporate guidelines.
  • Establish the “reputation management plan”, social responsibility and corporate sustainability plans.
  • Identify and manage external stakeholders, work on improvement areas, develop a compromise plan and finally develop useful relationship for ECBBC in order to become proactive and key actor.
  • Ensure that ECCBC vision and mission are correctly spread i.e. coordinate corporate culture, establish a brand strategy, organize periodical meeting with General Managers.
  • Identify commercial difficulties, develop a risk map and put in place an action plan in order to mitigate, eliminate and control said difficulties.

The main responsibility in this area will be to coordinate and facilitate the main business routines as the most senior person in this operation and country across the Local Management, Committee, QBR (Forecast vs Business Plan and Risk Maps), Local Risk Committee and Sales & Operations. 


Represent the country within the ECCBC Group and serve as the main participant at the forums below.    

  • BOARD/ Audit Committees (LNO, risk map, ethic code)
  • Company Risks Management
  • Capex Committee