Job Description

Please note, interviews for this position will take place at our Careers in Africa Recruitment Summit in Johannesburg, 1st -3rd of November 2013. Relevant candidates will be contacted and invited to attend the event.

The ZF/NF will be the leading financial management position in the country and will have direct reporting responsibilities to the NM. Duties and responsibilities are carried out in line with Regional Financial Management resources, policies and guidelines and in close partnership with other business fields and functional units.

The primary functions of the role are to secure an efficient financial and administrative management in the country in line with legal and to lead and motivate a team of financial managers and / or specialists.

Rounded Rectangle: Main Duties And Responsabilities 


&#149  Secures a proper and in time reporting to regional head office

&#149  Responsible for financial statements and all other financial information

&#149  Keep updated about local and corporative accounting principles and comply with them

&#149  Provide analysis of financial statements for decision making

&#149  Reporting to the regional head-office

&#149  Preparation of monthly, quarterly annual reporting

&#149  Budget coordination, preparation and reporting

&#149  Provide regular useful information to NM and RF


&#149  Analyses deviances and takes / initiates and monitors corrective actions

&#149  Evaluates and decides on credit risks and other financial KPIs

&#149  Control of finance department and all other areas on financial and  administration matters

&#149  Control of administrative policies and procedures compliance

&#149  Profitability control, budget control, productivity control

&#149  Development, implementation and control of local policies and procedures

&#149  Constantly review procedures in all areas with finance impact, for improved efficiency

&#149  Securing internal control system


&#149  Negotiates or directs the negotiation of credit facilities

&#149  Prepares or directs the preparation of capital expenditures

&#149  Financial analysis, cost control and productivity study

&#149  MIS (Management Information System) maintenance and development

&#149  Consulting & Financial Advisor to the NM and Line Managers

&#149  Project Analysis for specific cases

&#149  Due Diligence Reviews

&#149  Cash Flow management and optimization


&#149  Tax compliance, tax planning, tax optimization (if applicable)

&#149  Keep local books updated and in line with local regulations

&#149  Statutory requirements compliance and coordination

&#149  Legal matters and contracts management

&#149  Responsible for internal/external Audits, Transfer Pricing, and any other required review

&#149  Outsourcing analysis and supervision*


&#149  Assure the accounting system is properly set up and adapted to local needs

&#149  Assure system tables are maintained and updated

&#149  Assure the users have the necessary knowledge and system training

&#149  Control system confidentiality and security


&#149  Secures the implementation of general internal regulations and policies in co-operation with RF /NM and other business and functional fields


&#149  Selects, recruits and continuously reviews the performance of Finance key staff

&#149  Promotes the development of talent and initiates functional unit specific training – Coaching and development of direct staff.

 Rounded Rectangle: Behavioural Competences

Category: Senior Manager

You can refer to the behavioural competences matrix.

Rounded rectangle: Technical Skills

&#149  Entrepreneurial thinking and acting (Cost sensitive, value focused, showing strong ownership attitude)

&#149  Proven experience in Financial topics.

&#149  Excellent understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives.

&#149  Strong leadership skills.

&#149  Excellent oral communication skills.

&#149  Ability to present ideas in business-friendly and user-friendly language.

&#149  Highly self-motivated and directed.

&#149  Proven analytical, evaluative, and problem-solving abilities.

&#149  Extensive experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.

&#149  Service and results oriented

&#149  Analytical, process- and business-driven approach

&#149  Ability to work and understand different kind of cultures and people

&#149  Assertive

&#149  Willingness to travel

&#149  Experience in the logistics and Supply Chain industry

&#149  Organisational management background.

Rounded Rectangle: Education – Professional Experience

Minimum: Master degree preferably in Financial Management / equivalent diploma (Chartered Accountant, etc.) or 5+ years of progressively senior experience in a generalist financial management role, preferably gained in a service industry environment

A sound technical understanding of accounting, controlling and capital expenditure

Rounded Rectangle: Career Perspective

Regional Finance

Please note, interviews for this position will take place at our Careers in Africa Recruitment Summit in Johannesburg, 1st -3rd of November 2013. Relevant candidates will be contacted and invited to attend the event.