General Manager

Job Description

Our client is a residential property development gated community which includes a hospitality offering, including restaurants, rental villas, golf courses, clubhouse facilities, conferencing facilities, and private beach access for home- owners and hospitality guests. The Company is located in East Africa and caters to both international and local residents and guests, with a focus on providing international best practices and standards unparalleled in the region.

The Role

As General Manager (GM),  you will be responsible and accountable for the overall operation and management of the Company. You will be looked upon to set the Company’s overall strategic direction and priorities and held responsible for the overall performance of the Company and the individual performance of each project. The GM will guide, direct and lead the Executive Management Team.  The GM will report directly to the Board of the Company through regular monthly management meetings.

Role Responsibilities

– Provide communication and relevant information between the Board of Directors and the Executive Management Team

– Assist the Board in creating a business plan which will include strategic goals, budgets, policies, and procedures to enhance the Company’s market share, profitability and shareholder returns

– Develop, in coordination with the Executive Management Team, an integrated action plan that realizes that optimises market share and profitability of existing and new activities.

– Set department specific high-level goals, objectives and plans with the respective Executive Management Team member of each department and monitor their operations

– Provide advice, guidance,  and authorization to carry out major events, plans and procedures, consistent with established policies, set out in the integrated action plan

– Conduct a strategic performance review on a regular basis to determine whether the Company is meeting its short-and long-term objectives set out in the business plan

– Establish an effective system of communications throughout the Company

– Regularly review and check the performance of the Executive Management Team and provide guidance on improving performance to reach KPIs

– Act as the principal public relations officer of the Company by creating a positive internal and external image and by representing the Company to stakeholders

– Ensure development of an effective organizational structure and positive internal climate in which management development for succession is nurtured.

– Conduct annual performance reviews for all member of the Executive Management Team and

recommend salary adjustments, rewards/bonuses, promotions, job responsibility and KPIs adjustments

– Monitor the adherence of employees to policies and procedures and carry out any disciplinary actions

– Recruit, develop, manage and motivate members of the Executive Management Team and

employees reporting to GM


Role Requirements

–  Proven background in a similar position with min 5 years+ experience in the hospitality or service related industry

–  Executive level management experience min 5 years+

–  Experience in the real estate sales industry desirable but not mandatory

–  Proficiency in accounting

–  Full computer skills and literacy including full competency with Microsoft Excel

–  Strong visionary with proven leadership qualities and entrepreneurial mind –set

–  Political awareness, cross cultural awareness and organizational astuteness

–  Ability to select, develop and motivate the necessary management talent to maintain the Company’s overall objectives

–  Strong interpersonal skills such a s leadership communication persuasion motivation loyalty and openness

–  Strong quantitative and analytical skills coupled with excellent writing and presentation skills are a must

–  Must be a professional of unquestionable integrity, credibility and character

–  Fluency in English and Kiswahili