Johannesburg_2014 _ Seadrill_Subsea Engineer

Job Description


Perform the maintenance and repair of all subsea-related systems. Coordinate the installation of blow out prevention (BOP) equipment with the drilling department under the direction of the Subsea Supervisor. Maintain an accurate condition evaluation of blow out prevention equipment, heave compensating and other related subsea equipment.


• Perform the daily control / maintenance of well control equipment: BOP, MUX control system, riser, slip joint, riser tensioning system, kill/choke manifold, compensating equipment and all other associated well control equipment

• Professional knowledge of hydraulic, electric IT components and configurations for subsea BOP equipment

• Demonstrate proficient technical understanding of engineering and industry standards and the Company management system

Prepares BOP, riser and riser tensioning configurations for acceptance by Supervisor

• Carry out the deployment, pressure testing and maintenance of BOP under the direction of the Subsea Supervisor

• Operate and maintain the BOP handling systems

• Assist in running and testing the wellhead, casing hangers and seal assemblies

• In conjunction with the drilling department, ensure that accurate well specific space out measurements are taken, verified and submitted to the Subsea Supervisor

• Assist in the deployment, operation and recovery of the riser and tensioning system in accordance with well specific operating guidelines and engineering riser analysis

• Maintain accurate records of the maintenance history of all subsea equipment in the company maintenance management system and coordinate planning and implementation

• Maintain the inventory of subsea spares, oils and operating fluids

• Communicate equipment problems or breakdown to Subsea Supervisor and other department heads onboard

• Assist in the development and compilation of comprehensive subsea procedures and checklists

• Demonstrate cost control awareness of subsea equipment and inventory

• Responsible for joint review of all pre-deployment BOP checklists with Subsea Supervisor

• Responsible for maintaining up-to-date documentation package and drawings of subsea equipment onboard. Maintain the accuracy of the documentation package and drawings and participate in the management of change process together with the shore-based office

• Mentor, develop and train crew members to ensure they are competent to work in their current job positions and where appropriate coached and prepared for the next position

• Ensure that approved rig operating procedures are adhered to at all times. Report all unsafe activities, situations, and potential hazards to supervisor

• Actively participate in safety, departmental, pre-tour, client meetings, etc.

• Actively participate in the Safety Management Systems

• Ensure housekeeping is maintained in assigned areas

• Conduct performance appraisals for subordinates. Recommend promotion, development or disciplinary action

• Effectively use all safety and environmental tools employed by Seadrill (4-point check, OBS cards, PTW etc.

• Complete training requirements in a timely manner as per Seadrill training matrix

• Perform all emergency duties as per designation on the station bill

AUTHORITY/DIMENSIONS: Supervises Subsea Trainee



High School Diploma or Equivalent, Bachelor’s degree in engineering or educational equivalent from an accredited technical school or comparable military experience

Valid Supervisor Well Control Certification


Five years in a Subsea role with three years MUX (electro hydraulic subsea systems) experience and formal assessment of competency


Upholds Seadrill’s core values and reputation both internally and externally