Production Manager

Job Description


Within the framework of the plant’s objectives and yearly action plans, his mission is to:

  • Plan co-ordinate and manage the manufacturing process at the plant so as to make available on a day to day basis the required product within the specified quality, cost and time
  • Constantly aim at the best performances of the production equipment
  • Ensures the safety and development of his personnel
  • Contribute to the upkeep and availability of the plant equipment
  • Ensures customers are served as per Company policy
  • Ensures the protection of the environment in compliance with Group standards


  • Production Shift Superintendents (4) responsible for production on his shift
  • Packing Plant Superintendent responsible for the bagging of cement and dispatch
  • Budget 


  • Respect production commitments in terms of volume, deadlines, costs and product compliance
  • Ensures that his production personnel performs correctly
  • Manages the departmental budget
  • Ensures that process improvement is relevant and of good quality
  • Institutes, co-ordinates and supervises project work aimed at developing new procedures and methods to improve and maintain efficiency of the plant
  • Guarantees the safety of equipment and of the people working for him
  • Guarantees the compliance with the Group safety and ISO 14001 environment standards in his field of activities
  • Ensures that adequate measures are effected to control environmental aspects in work


  • Help define the long-term plan, the Advance Performance Improvement Plan, improvement action plans for the whole plant.
  • Put forward annual and monthly production programmes and adjust them as necessary.
  • Prepare and submit annual production budgets.
  • Decide which adjustments and modifications are necessary in process management to optimise the plant performance and the quality of the products.
  • Co-ordinate the program of inspections, visits and repairs with the maintenance manager.
  • Plan technical shutdowns with other departments.
  • Organise the manpower to best suit the programme.
  • Settle daily problems relating to production and team management.
  • Define working methods (optimisation of management means and tools).
  • Contribute to maintaining equipment in good working condition by complying with the instructions of use and by regular monitoring of the equipment and by warning the maintenance department if need be.
  • Participate in drawing up safety rules.
  • Team management: define the Missions and objectives of his workforce and carries out their performance reviews, promote the quality of the work and motivate his personnel, develop their skills to keep abreast of technical developments.
  • Define departmental Environment Impacts and Aspects.
  • Define corrective actions for mitigating low level dust emissions
  • Monitor dust plants and ESP operating efficiencies. 
  • Implement POM 2.0 Basic Practices and Business Cases accordingly

Health, Safety & Environment

  • Ensure for the health and safety of ALL through implementation of Safe Systems of Work, including implementation of Group Standards and Advisories, ensuring Job Plans are provided for work activities, Risk Assessments are carried out, Permits to Work are provided where required, etc.
  • Ensure that VFLs, including High Risk Areas VFLs, are carried out as prescribed in agreed KPIs, and communicated by the Operations Manager.
  • That RCAs for safety incidents are carried out, lessons learned communicated and actions raised are closed timely.
  • That action items raised through audits and inspections are carried in accordance with the agreed action plan.
  • That you actively engage your team in health and safety issues, through VFLs, safety inspections, tool box talks, etc.
  • That you engage site personnel in the preparation and implementation of risk assessments to ensure for the safe execution of works.
  • Meet the Health and Safety requirements as per the Production Manager POM Card.
  • Ensure that serious events in the BU and from the Group are briefed to the team, including subcontractors and that actions raised are closed, timely.
  • Ensure departmental meetings are carried out as per the schedule, and as outlined in the H&S Committee Departmental Meetings.
  • As part of the H&S Sub Committees, ensure Group H&S Standards and Advisories are implemented as per the BU plan.
  • Put controls to effectively manage the environment aspects of the BU.
  • Ensure that team members including contractors are competent in handling environmental issues of the plant, including application of EMS procedures and instructions.
  • Ensure RCAs are done for all environmental incidents, including non-conformities identified during audits.
  • Ensure that all environmental incidents are reported and that actions are taken, timeously, to close issues related to the incident/s.


Educational Background & Experience

  • B.Sc. Degree in Metallurgical, Chemical or Process Engineering and at least six years experience in a production environment.

Technical skills

  • In depth knowledge of the process of cement manufacturing (experience of process engineering)
  • Good knowledge of production equipment
  • Good knowledge of product quality parameters and of quality control tests
  • In-depth knowledge of production management and planning
  • Good knowledge of safety rules and regulations
  • Experience in the development of quality management methods (ISO 9000)

Leadership & Behavioural Skills

  • Leadership
  • Management skills
  • Delegation/organisation
  • Initiative and anticipation
  • Performance oriented