Subsea Engineer – Angola

Subsea Engineer



The subsea engineer shall operate and maintain the subsea related equipment, including riser tensioners, in accordance with all applicable OEM and Ocean Rig operating and maintenance procedures.






  • The Sub Sea Engineer should have either a 2-year Technical College or a City and Guilds trade certificate in mechanical, electrical or equivalent as well as relevant practical or theoretical training on the relevant equipment.
  • While a recognised apprenticeship or college training is preferred, individual circumstances can be considered if applicant has a career background which compensates. This would be reviewed and accepted by subsea manager and personnel manager.
  • They shall have a valid health certificate.
  • They must have good knowledge of the English language, both oral and written.
  • Fluent Portuguese
  • Angolan nationality or resident card 


  • Familiarise themself with all subsea issues and subsea related equipment. This includes ensuring all documentation is up to date and correct.
  • Operate and maintain the subsea related equipment, including riser tensioners, in accordance with all applicable OEM and Ocean Rig operating and maintenance procedures.
  • Daily checks for all subsea equipment shall be carried out a minimum of two times per shift. These duties shall be provided on separate check lists however particular attention must be paid to the CCC (Drill Ships only) and the temperature control of this room.
  • The CCC (Drill Ships only) shall be visited regularly during each shift and shall be checked for alarm status. The room requires regular monitoring for the continued running of the air conditioning system.
  • Record all alarm and faults and add to daily report.
  • Check Common Facilities screen for any red boxes around any of the depicted instrument clusters.
  • Check the UPS for alarms or faults.
  • Ensure the room temperature is kept normal.
  • Read all faults and alarms, the description highlighted in green with black background can be reset.
  • Keep room clean and tidy.
  • Over and above Daily duties engineers shall also be expected to plan for all future maintenance of the subsea equipment.
  • Prior to recovery of the Bop, the STAR maintenance system shall be checked up to 3 or 4 months in advance to establish whether important maintenance tasks can be included during the Bop maintenance on surface. These tasks should then be added to the upcoming end of well maintenance spreadsheet.
  • Any parts or spares required should be checked to ensure we have in stock and if not MR’s should be raised. The MR shall be made out and passed onto the Section leader for final approval.
  • Prior to the Bop being recovered to surface, Attachment ‘M’ BOP Pre-run checklist shall be printed and kept in the Subsea workshop. This document shall be completed and signed off by each person performing each of the tasks before the end of each shift. ( It is important that this document is updated daily.)
  • Each task on the Pre-run checklist will have an equivalent Work Order in STAR. The Work Order notes shall be entered into Star before the end of each shift so that no maintenance history is lost. It will be the responsibility of the Subsea engineers to print each work order prior to starting the work and follow the work order instructions.
  • Any unplanned maintenance that requires spare parts from the warehouse will require and Unplanned Work Order; this shall be made out prior to the parts being removed from the warehouse. This shall be completed by the person carrying out the task and the notes entered in STAR after completion.
  • Preplanning for Riser Spaceout shall be completed by all persons in the Subsea department; these figures shall be cross checked against the Drilling Supervisors and Subsea Section Leaders.
  • Shall, upon request, attend training courses arranged by the manufacturers of the BOP and BOP control equipment and other vendors equipment to familiarise himself with the maintenance and operation of the said equipment.
  • Carry out BOP tests and drills in accordance with authorities, operating company’s, manufacturers and Ocean Rig’s procedures / rules and requirements.
  • Make themselves fully familiar and with all operating procedures / instructions for all equipment that falls under the responsibility of the subsea dept, and this will include reviewing the OEM manuals and procedures on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that all reporting routines are followed and that all subsea related paperwork are carried out, such as: daily sub sea engineer log, Preventative maintenance records, BOP test sheets, Ton cycles on tensioner wires, updating of service and instructions manuals, instruction procedures etc.
  • Organise workscope for their shift and the crew working under their supervision, albeit always reporting to the subsea section leader.
  • The subsea engineer should be capable of ensuring all PM’S due are available to them and their crew, in addition ensuring that all reporting of maintenance into star is done.
  • Ensure good housekeeping in the cellar deck area and subsea stores/workshop
  • Participate in safety meetings and safety drills held onboard.
  • Carry out installation/dismantling of the subsea blow out prevention equipment and the BOP control system and riser tensioners and any other related equipment
  • Ensure subordinates are fully trained and are fully familiar with all aspects of the job, including the administrative tasks that are required and will hold the necessary training courses for their subordinates.
  • Ensure that the Subsea Dept at all times has the necessary supplies and spare parts for operation and maintenance of all the subsea related equipment on board in accordance with Ocean Rig’s inventory policy. While prudence should be taken into consideration when re-ordering spares, overall stack should be maintained as per minimum / maximum inventory.
  • Responsible for inputs into the maintenance system for the subsea related equipment.
  • When modifications are made to equipment or system, responsible for ensuring all drawings and BOM that are affected are updated, by redlining drawing and BOM, and submitting to the supervisor for review and rig approval, redline drawings and BOM to be submitted to OEM, via onshore management for updating of OEM manuals.



  • Instruct all personnel assigned to him for assistance of their duties and responsibilities and of any special safety precautions to be taken prior to start up of any work.
  • At all times work to the maintenance policy laid down by Ocean Rig AS, but be prepared to update / improve it through the PM change request system, under instructions from Subsea Section Leader or a designated authorized person.
  • Ensure that all maintenance records are properly prepared, filed and kept.
  • Maintain a high standard of cleanliness and tidiness throughout his area of responsibility.
  • Ensure that all orders and instructions given or received are fully understood and adhered to.
  • Ensure that before any work on high pressure system is started, a proper investigation has been carried out, precautions have been taken and the “work permit” has been signed.
  • Also ensure a SJA and job procedure for the specific task to be done has been completed and all the relevant paperwork is correct and available.
  • Ensure that personnel working under his supervision as well as himself carry workvests (lifevests) and safety lines when working in exposed area in or around the moonpool.
  • Ensure that he is familiar with all relevant work- and safety procedures issued by Ocean Rig AS and by the Operator, and promote the implementation of same.
  • Carry out his duties according to the Emergency and Contingency Manual.


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