Why Apply for a Career in Africa?

  • Better promotion opportunities and comparable salary ranges
  • Professional opportunities in all sectors
  • A better lifestyle and an opportunity to contribute to the community
  • An opportunity to be a part of Africa’s economic rise

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Questions about returning to work in Africa

Do I need to apply for every role separately?

No, you don’t. One application to Careers in Africa means our international recruitment consultants will consider you for every relevant opportunity in the future. However, as your experience and skills increase, it is important to return to the site and login to update your CV, so your new skills can get you noticed.


What if I want to make sure I’m considered for a particular job though?

It’s ok, really, we check all registered candidates against all roles. But you might want to update your CV to align it better with the specific role.


Why would I consider a career in Africa?

Well, you tell us! If you’re not sure though, it’s worth thinking about some of the reasons our alumni have gone to Africa to develop their careers. For some candidates it is the range of opportunities available in their sector or role, for others it’s the chance to be part of Africa’s growth and development. There are also the attractive promotions and leadership opportunities that go along with a growing market.


Is being registered with Careers in Africa free?

Absolutely. Always. Applying for a role or a Summit with Careers in Africa will always be completely free. The only things you might pay for are optional training sessions, and that is completely non-obligatory. We believe in uniting the best companies and candidates, and fees will never get in the way of that.


What about applying for your Recruitment Summits?

We hold Recruitment Summits around the world where companies attend and hold interviews with large numbers of pre-selected candidates. You’ll need to apply to attend, and if there is an attending company matching your profile, you’ll receive an invitation to come and interview. For strong candidates whose profile doesn’t match an attending company, you can still receive a networking invitation to come and meet other candidates and all of the attending companies. Many candidates secure on the spot interviews as a result of networking.