The talent your business needs in Africa

Your business needs the best talent, the people you engage with need the best experience, and you need the best partner for insight, branding building and recruitment in Africa.

Careers in Africa is the place where Africa’s talent discovers the continent’s  employers. Over 1.5 million professionals explore the platform for insights about  employer value propositions on offer, job opportunities available and working in  Africa’s countries and cities.

How It Works

Promote Your Brand

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Develop and storytell your employer brand across Africa.

Recruit Talent

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Post job opportunities when you need to recruit outstanding talent. Escalate roles to headhunting with expert consutlants when you need a hand.

Get Insight

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Understand your recruitment process, brand afinity and talent trends, including available, motivation and remuneration.
"The original, and still the best, source of professional African talent."
HR Director
Global engineering consultancy in 13 African countries

How We Source Talent

Global Career Company’s Talent Network is the massive, global and exclusive set of online and offline channels, along with registered professionals waiting to connect with your employer brand and opportunities.


African Diaspora and Local Talent in our Talent Network


Segmented, High-Potential Graduate, Early and Mid Career African Professionals in our Database


Job Roles Sourced For Through Careers in Africa

Promote Your African Employer Brand

84% of job seekers say the reputation of a company as an employer is important when they consider applying. Global Career Company’s easy to use profile creator allows you to spell out your African EVP in detail, speaking to the themes our research proves are key to African Talent.

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Of Africa Talent Only Apply To Companies With A Well Maintained Employer Brand

Create your African Employer Profile using a fully guided and supported process. Update with fresh content whenever you want including insights, images, video, testimonials and more.

Your profile shows your commitment to your African Employer Brand and  speaks to the talent you want to recruit, while actively maintaining your profile to remain relevant and owning your brand story.

Sourcing Talent

75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job. Ensuring your roles are promoted alongside your employer brand is critical to a successful hiring process.

Posting your roles to Careers in Africa is simple. Your license includes unlimited job posts, which you control from your user portal. Simply upload your job and it appears on the Careers in Africa platform, on your employer profile, and on Global Career Company’s country and city specific job listings ensuring your role reaches the talent you need.

Source When You Need To

  • Quickly and easily post roles via your user account.
  • Roles are advertised on the Careers in Africa platform, on your employer profile, and on Global Career Company’s country and city specific job listings.
  • Roles automatically promoted across the Talent Network, finding the best African professional talent online and offline.

Your Roles In The Right Place, At the Right Time

  • Fully control the creation of your job, including description, audience and campaign time
  • Ensure your job is seen by over 2 million African professionals as they research employers, locations and job types
  • Your roles are promoted to a targeted section of our Talent Network, ensuring high quality candidates

Successful Recruitment

Whether you prefer to source talent directly via job posts, or receive selection or search support from our team, our platform works for you.

You Are In Control

  • Have full control over the content of your employer brand and job roles
  • Update your proposition whenever you want
  • Log in to review candidates at any time
  • Detailed reporting on your employer brand reach and job roles
  • Support of our local and global team of GCC Associates for recruitment where you need it

Africa's leading Recruitment Tool

  • Attract talent with a slick and intuitive recruitment system
  • Save time through the process with simple selection tools
  • Our GCC Associates have decades of experience in recruitment and selection
  • GCC Associates across the continent mean your shortlists have the best of local and global talent

To recruit talent for your posted role you can post jobs at no cost within your license, and pay no recruitment fees. You can also engage our headhunting consultants on a role by role basis when you need them.

Trusted By 850+ of Africa's Most Successful Brands, including

Frequently Asked Questions


Candidates access Careers in Africa through the website, or in response to an email, social, or wider campaign, where all our live roles are advertised. Candidates apply, and can use their CV, current Careers in Africa profile, Indeed or LinkedIn profile. All applications are processed through the Careers in Africa system for ease of access by Employers.

Careers in Africa reaches over 2 million highly qualified African professionals from around the world. Since 2002 we have been connecting Africa’s talent with opportunities across every country on the continent, specialising in supporting the diaspora to return. Over 600,000 professionals read Careers in Africa job alerts each month.

Careers in Africa’s Talent Network is spread across the world, with a significant presence in Africa, as well as large diaspora networks in Europe, the UK, the USA and Asia.

Employer Profiles

You can control the content on your profile using the simple Employer Profile creation tool in the Careers in Africa Employer interface. The Careers in Africa team can also help you expertly craft your messaging to appeal to the talent you want.

Profiles can be fully bespoke and tailored to your current employer branding and recruitment campaigns.

Updates are completed on your user profile, where you can make changes. These are then checked by our team before going live to candidates.

Employer Brand promotion campaigns reach up to 2 million African professionals who trust Careers in Africa to offer the best jobs and opportunities in Africa for local and diaspora talent. You can find out more about Employer Brand Promotion campaigns by booking a demo with our team.

Recruitment Tools

The Careers in Africa platform provides a state of the art recruitment software for you to access candidates who have applied whenever you want to. You can also share these candidates within your team, explore their full profile and send feedback to the Careers in Africa recruiters.

We can connect your existing recruitment tools to our platform if required.

You can include any questions within your job role, and automatically reject and approve candidates who meet your standards. Our team can also help you with or bank of questions from over 5,000 previous job roles.

At any stage, you can engage Global Career Company Headhunters to support you in your talent search. You do this through the Careers in Africa Employer Area. This automatically engages your Account Manager to support your search with our market leading recruiters.