10 CV Writing Tips You Need to Know Part 2

4. Be Impressive in Everything you Write

You’re an impressive candidate, with excellent skills, outstanding experience and a phenomenal drive. Make sure the person reading your CV knows that. Align your CV with the client’s interests. Are you applying for a finance job? Give examples of times you have made excellent investments and helped your current employer. Are you a qualified oil & gas professional? Point out the different successful projects you have worked on, and explain how you had an impact.



5. Be Honest

Your potential employer needs to trust you to do a great job. How can they trust you if you exaggerate parts of your CV? Promote your real skills, and don’t add information that you could be asked about in interview that you can’t back up. 



6. Adapt Your CV to Every Job You Apply For

You can apply at careersinafrica.com with one application and we can search for your CV in any role we have in the future, but that shouldn’t stop you adapting your CV when you apply. If you are hoping to move into a management position, add details of your leadership experience. If you are applying to work in a particular sector, redesign your CV so that your experience in that sector is more detailed.



7. Keep Your CV Updated

We see a lot of CVs which have become rotten over time. If you haven’t changed your CV in the last 6 months, what that says to us, and your potential employer, is that you haven’t done anything particularly impressive since your last update. Make sure your CV is always up to date, with exciting details of your most recent successes, not a list of your duties.


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