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We are Africa's leading provider of recruiting excellence, employer brand promotion and talent insight, across digital and event media, since 2002.

We can connect your business in Africa with a global talent pool of more than 500,000 African graduates and professionals, based across the continent and around the world.

what we can offer

We provide diverse digital and event solutions to connect you with Africa's top talent. Our global African talent pool is made up of more than 500,000 graduates and professionals, from all 54 markets, based locally, around the continent and across the globe. They have international experience and qualifications, local cultural understanding, multiple language skills and passion for Africa. They are a key part of the African workforce, actively engaged in seeking their next roles and making their impact. Will it be your business they connect with?

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What our clients say

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"Careers in Africa allowed us to engage with pre-selected candidates from 5 countries for our various business sectors. We were able to enhance their awareness and interest in GE within Francophone Africa and build a great talent community for the future."

Carol Hondonga, Global Talent Acquisition Leader, GE

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