Finding Barclays’ Future Leaders


The Africa businesses are particularly important to Barclays because of the growth opportunities in this region. This therefore means that Barclays requires leaders to steer and grow the business in the right direction. Their particular requirement was for a new generation of business leaders who are able to grow the existing businesses and successfully take the Barclays brand into new markets.



The Careers in Africa Summit enabled Barclays to meet a large concentration of internationally oriented African professionals with vast experience in financial services. London, the leading global financial centre, provided the best platform to attract this calibre of talent. Global Career Company presented a shortlist of suitable applicants to Barclays ahead of the event resulting in over 100 prescheduled interviews. Numerous on the spot interviews also took place.


Barclays successfully recruited for 10 individuals at the Careers in Africa Summit in 2010, all at Senior Management level. They also attended the 2011 Summit and are now finalising the recruitment process.

“Even for companies keen on local talent, future leaders with international experience are a must”

Karolina Dvorak
Business Development Manager

Delivering on a project like this one for Barclays is all about thoroughly understanding the client’s needs. Finding mid career professionals with a great background is only one part of the equation. We need to consider the soft skills too, the intangibles. That’s what we’re here for. Our key differentiation is our international perspective. Even for companies keen on local talent, future leaders with international experience are a must. It’s modern business and it’s what we can really deliver on.

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