Kromberg and Schubert Go Global for Tunisia Search


Kromberg and Schubert is a key part of the transport manufacturing process, with operations throughout Africa. To enable their continued growth, they invest heavily in expansion projects throughout emerging markets, making them a natural Careers in Africa partner.



A tailored global search programme led by our Careers in Maghreb brand. Using the registered candidate pool alongside channel marketing and headhunting, Careers in Maghreb was able to deliver a selection of top class internationally based Tunisian candidates.


Both of the required roles were filled by Careers in Africa candidates, for a 100% conversion rate.

“Technical skills are hard earned for candidates and hard to find for companies.”


Hedi Samari
Senior Recruitment Consultant

Hiring from the local market is critical for growth and development, but not more than the right mix of technical and leaderships skills is. Major companies continue to find skills acquisition difficult in certain markets, and that is where international search comes in. Technical skills are hard earned for candidates and hard to find for companies, but our international talent pool is a great solution. For the right company, there are always talented Diasporans ready to return.

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