Evolving Roles in a Growing Company


Nigerian Breweries has been working with GCC since 2002. Established in 1946, they are the largest brewery in Nigeria. Their brands include STAR, Aba, Kaduna, Ibadan, Enugu and AMA Greenfield. They have participated at every Careers in Africa Recruitment Summit in London since our inception.


  • As the company has expanded, the roles required by the HR department have evolved
  • Continue to recruit engineering and commercial positions to support the company’s existing infrastructure
  • Now also looking for bright graduates and early-career professionals with international exposure to bring a fresh and dynamic approach to their operations.


Our unique Recruitment Summits are the ideal platform for Nigerian Breweries to find specific candidates to meet their recruitment needs. Our growing database of over 200,000 candidates is complimented by our vast network of high calibre Africans who are looking to pursue their career back in Africa. Our Summit in London provides Nigerian Breweries with a strong pool of Nigerian talent, one of the many reasons why Nigerian Breweries has participated at this event year-on-year.


Due to the nature and focus of our Summits, Nigerian Breweries’ recruitment process has become hugely successful. In particular, the May 2012 London Summit delivered high returns for the company, who decided to progress further with 32 out of the 50 candidates they interviewed.

Client’s View

Nigerian Breweries HR Director, Victor Famuyibo, commented, “Lots of local acquisitions here in Nigeria have meant that we have a huge demand for highly skilled and well trained Nigerians. Our strategy is to find fresh young people from across the globe and invest a lot in training them. Unfortunately, local schools are still not improving forcing us to access the Diaspora to find graduates with the education and international perspective that the company requires. Global Career Company is our preferred provider when meeting these needs.”

“Their needs have diversified, and we’ve always been able to respond with great candidates, because we’re thinking in step with their strategy.”

Sherin Helmy
Business Development Director

Nigerian Breweries is a classic partnership, and an example of how our approach lets us really deliver for our clients. We’ve worked with them over the years and seen their business grow. As this has happened, their needs have diversified, and we’ve always been able to respond with great candidates, because we’re thinking in step with their strategy.

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