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It is a project of the Mining Society Chitotolo Limited , having as partners Endiama , ITM and Lumanhe.

It is located in the province of Lunda Norte region N’zagi and embraces an area of ​​5,400 square kilometres.

The Project is successor of former draft Penz Endiama , having been converted to the Association in Participation in 1996 and later in Society Limited , in their current associates.

Since then, it has assumed a prominent place in exploration alluvial diamond and is a major achievement. Throughout its history has achieved significant economic.

The Project has also achieved excellent results in the social sphere . The Company has given its contribution to improving the quality of life of local communities , strengthening both institutional capacity and the quality of educational schools, promoting community education campaigns and training programs and training , and supporting the community and local government in the areas of energy, water and public health.

The project has about 770 workers , most Angola.

The Chitotolo is proud to continually invest in the development and creation of job opportunities, contributing to the growth of the country and the company.

Since the beginning of its operations, the Chitotolo , assumed a central ideology. A premise that guides the actions of the company in accordance with the values ​​that guide their conduct, developing a true ” Culture Chitotolo “. A culture that defines its organizational dynamics in the consolidation of a shared enterprise project, expressed in its mission and strategy, vision and corporate values​.

Mission and Strategy

Continuously ensure greater profitability and sustainability of the company ‘s economic, social and environmental , and thus contribute to improving the quality of life of our employees and their families as well as to the progress of the country


Consolidate our leadership and be a reference company in the mining sector in alluvial exploration in Angola


Corporate Values:


We build our relationships based on personal consideration and professional, providing security to all those with whom we interact.


Have built a management based on continuous growth, enhancing the interaction, the effort and the contribution of all to the results to be achieved.


We seek innovative ways of competitiveness, enhancing creativity and technical expertise with the resources that we have.

Contributor – our greatest asset

  • We recognize the merit and professional value shown.
  • Encourage self-reliance and entrepreneurship – more proud and motivated professionals.
  • We invest in professional development – training and continuous training.
  • Desktop

  • We provide and value a work environment of transparency , cooperation and mutual respect.
  • We promote teamwork.
  • Health and Safety

  • We provide our employees facilities , methods and protective equipment in order to provide a healthy and safe environment , appropriate to our activities.
  • Social Responsibility

  • Committed to ensuring the welfare and promote the health of our employees.
  • We invest continuously in creating job opportunities and development.
  • We generate resources for the government and for society.
  • Initiatives to promote social and cultural.
  • Commitment to the Environment

  • Minimize the environmental impact and operating sustainably.
  • Implement environmental management policies in accordance with the objectives and targets set by the Government.
  • Adoption of sustainable practices aligned with the strategic objectives of the company, aiming at the economic, social and environmental.
  • Promote among employees a proactive environmental attitude , through increased efficiency, innovation and performance monitoring of our activities.
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