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Providing quality products which suit every style with reasonable prices, via the motto of “everybody deserves to dress well”, LC Waikiki responds to the needs of a whole family via its collections for adults, youths, children, nursery and infants.

According to the survey performed by Ipsos KMG semi-annually, LC Waikiki has been the leader of Turkish ready-made clothing industry since 2004 so that it is still the most important address for the accessible fashion in Turkey. Providing the opportunity for quality shopping with reasonable prices,
. Besides trendy products in its fall-winter and spring-summer collections, LC Waikiki’s special collections for maternity, vacation, graduations and back to school also draw attention.

International growth continues…

LC Waikiki has around 400over 400 380 stores in 71 cities in Turkey and is still continuing to open new ones so that it is the most dynamic and most preferable brand in Turkey thanks to its quality standards and customer satisfaction. LC Waikiki is also growing in the international arena; it has over 100 100 stores in Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kosovo ,Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Ukraine in total. LC Waikiki aims to be the one of the 3 most successful ready-made clothing brands in Europe.

The favorite brand of Turkey…

LC Waikiki was elected as the most sincere brand in the ready-made clothing industry according to the “The Most Sincere Brands” survey performed by MediaCat and Ipsos KMG in 2011 as well as it is the No.1 in the ready-made clothing industry at the “Lovemarks of Turkey” survey by MediaCat since 2009
LC Waikiki, according to the survey of 2012 Fortune 500 Turkey, was ranked in 30 among 500 largest companies of Turkey. (ranked in 33 in 2011), and according to the 2012 results, was ranked in 34 in 500 Largest Private Companies issued by Capital Magazine.

(ranked 36th in 2011 )

Besides, LC Waikiki, according to the 2012 results, ranks 22nd in the Corporate Tax listing of Turkey for all industries. (ranked 26th in 2011)

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