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OCP GROUP is the world’s leading producer of phosphate rock and phosphoric acid as well as one of the leading global fertilizer players, with more than 90 years of history serving agriculture. The Group has exclusive access to Morocco’s phosphate rock reserves – the largest global reserve base according to USGS.

Fully integrated throughout the value chain, the Group delivers value from mine to market, with activities ranging from mining mineral resources to producing high value-added products. With a global footprint and revenues of more than US$5.5 billion in 2013, the Group has 23,000 employees and serves every key agricultural market in the world.

Competing in a changing global industry, OCP has made significant capital investments to expand its mining and production capacities to drive future growth, creating exciting opportunities for employees.

Investing in employees

OCP’s ability to attract and retain the best talent at every level of the organization is vital to the successful execution of the Group’s strategy. It endeavors to strengthen corporate culture and values for a strong sense of cohesion of employees as part of OCP’s large family. Since 2006, OCP has reviewed its HRM policy placing a high premium on developing its human capital and broadening its pool of skills.

Building environmental performance

OCP believes that embedding sustainable development in every aspect of the business creates value over the long run and generate benefits for all stakeholders. Committed to high HSE standards, it takes every step to control the health and environmental impacts of its industrial processes and facilities.

Creating jobs and economic benefits

OCP contributes to economic and social development of all regions where it operates, generating benefits for host communities. Each year, community investments and projects – industrial, real estate, social and leisure – create direct and indirect jobs. OCP’s activities serve as a catalyst for social and economic development of local communities, with the contribution of NGOs, civil society and others.

Acting responsibly

OCP conducts its operations in a responsible and sustainable manner and maintains mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders. Group-wide projects as well as social, educational, cultural and medical infrastructure benefits to all employees and neighboring communities. By creating a healthy and safe working environment, encouraging social dialogue and providing industry-leading career development opportunities for employees, OCP helps them achieve their potential.

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