About Datum Recruitment Services

Datum Recruitment Services specialises in International staffing solutions for Frontier markets in Africa and Australasia. We specialise in mid-management and executive positions across industry segments.

Our recruitment team possesses a unique blend of professional search experience and industry expertise. We place quality at the centre of everything we do and solicit candid feedback at every opportunity in order to continually improve our service to clients.


Core Values

Our Vision is to Develop Long Term Relationships and Partnerships with all our clients. We aim to do this by:

  • Creating and Building Trust
  • Ensuring Integrity and Honesty
  • Maintaining the strictest levels of Confidentiality in all our dealings
  • Encouraging Dialogue and Seamless communication


Why Us

We Know Africa

  • Over 100 years’ group presence in Africa
  • Over 40 years experience in recruiting Indian expatriates for African assignments.
  • Keen understanding of local work environments in Frontier markets

We Value You

  • Relationships built on trust, transparency and reliability
  • Long term partnerships
  • In depth analysis of your business requirements
  • Constant communication and feedback to ensure accuracy and expedite the process 

We Promote You

  • Attract good candidates by promoting your organization
  • Help develop your company profile – online and offline 

We Innovate

  • Provide innovative solutions for difficult placements
  • Use traditional and non-traditional sources for candidate selection
  • Continuous improvement of our processes 

We Educate

  • Provide candidates with accurate country and company profiles
  • Reduce negative perceptions of Africa
  • Provide clients with market research


Our Services 

Management Staffing Services

  • Proven solutions for augmenting and optimizing a company’s talent acquisition strategy to recruit mid-level executives.
  • Help companies reduce costs and time for talent acquisition at mid-level positions
  • Customised methodology to understand each client’s unique culture, recruitment processes and the locational demands. 

Executive Search mit

  • Exclusively crafted for niche assignments.
  • Help clients identify top performers that not only have the required experience and expertise but also seamlessly fit in the organisational culture. 

Exclusive Headhunting and Company Mapping

  • Assists clients looking for talents from specific organisations.
  • Salary benchmarking for expatriates, mining passive talents, market intelligence

Assessment Tools

  • Thomas PPA : We use this International analysis technique to balance art and science in our assessment method.
  • Cultural fit assessment – We measure this by analysing the organization’s culture — and ensuring that candidates will fit into this culture