Meet Our Leaders

Nabil Habayeb

Note from Nabil Habayeb
President & CEO of GE Middle East and Africa

“The diversity, resources, and potential of growth bring all eyes on Africa. Over a 100 years ago, GE saw what the continent can become, and in turn based its first non-US office in South Africa. Ever since, we’ve worked hard on positioning ourselves as a partner to Africa, and now that we have established a strong foundation, we look to further grow our presence and our people.”

Ali Nouiaioua

Note from Ali Nouiaioua
Region Leader for North Africa

“GE’s commitment to the development of North Africa is clear from the exciting number of projects and operations happening on the ground. GE is a renowned as a world leader in career development because of the various opportunities available through the different businesses and our strong presence in different countries.”

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Lazarus Angbazo

Note from Lazarus Angbazo
Region Leader for East, West and Central Africa

“Africa is a key region for both GE and the world – resources are abundant and potential is boundless.  We work with governments across East and West Africa to identify and address each country’s needs to continue its development. Another aspect where GE contributes to the growth is by adding to our local force within each country.”

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Thami Mbele

Note from Thami Mbele
Region Leader for Southern Africa

“South Africa has a vision to be one of the leading world economies by 2020, and GE knows that there is nothing that can match the passion of a South African to his country. GE is set to meet infrastructural challenges with unique and relevant solutions, and also believes that the potential of development lies within the country’s local talent.”

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