Note from HR Director

Barclays is committed to ensuring we have the right people at the right time to drive our business, to ensure we remain competitive and maintain our edge as an employer of choice. Our Africa businesses are particularly important to Barclays because of the growth opportunities in this region.

In line with our vision to be the best retail and commercial bank for every customer, every market, every product, every time, we require leaders who will steer and grow our business in the right direction. This means we need a new generation of business leaders who are able to grow our existing businesses and successfully take the Barclays brand into new markets. We expect the pace of change to be fast and the demands from people to be high, but there will be unrivalled opportunities for growth, development and financial reward.

This challenge is for those who are ready to embrace demanding responsibilities in exchange for exceptional career opportunities. At Barclays, we are committed to developing our people. We have talent initiatives in place in our countries to ensure that our best people are developed, motivated and retained. We have also developed partnerships with universities to build our brand and attract the best talent.

Realising our aspirations will depend to a large extent on our organisation’s values and how successful we are at living by them. Our values are the qualities that sum us up and that we expect our people to bring to their work every day.

So come join us and be part of our success!

Best Regards,

Sue Maple,
HR Director, Barclays Africa