Assistant Manager, AU/ AfCFTA (Relations &Trade Policy)

Job Description

Vision & Purpose

The role is supposed to help the Bank to achieve its mission “stimulating  a consistent expansion of and diversification of African trade so as to rapidly increase Africa’s share of global trade, while operating as a first class, profit oriented, socially responsible financial institution and a centre of excellence in African trade matters” by assisting the Bank to advocate for fair and effective trade policies market access for African exporters and promote intra-African trade. 

Nature & Scope
  • The position holder as will assist and support the Senior Manager TPMA in:
  • Conceptualizing, planning and implementing advocacy interventions under PAFTRAC.
  • Deliberately Promote relationships with organized business across Africa.
  • Promote relationships with key partners such as the AU, AfCFTA Secretariat, CoDA, SDGC etc. 
  • Put in place the tools and processes for efficiency at operational level.
  • Developing programmes to ensure that trade and market access information is consistently gathered and disseminated to stakeholders. 
  • Working with relevant departments to raise the profile of the bank’s trade policy and market access activities and services.
Duties & Responsibilities
  • Build and maintain partnerships with Member States; Regional Economic Communities; the AU, Africa’s private sector and international organizations to inform trade policy and policy reform at the national, regional, continental and global level and secure fair market access for African traders; 
  • Advocate for trade policy reforms that support greater extra and intra-African Trade;
  • Support the Secretariat for PAFTRAC;
  • Organize and coordinate private sector engagement in trade and investment policy through PAFTRAC;
  • Strengthen African private sector capacities to influence trade policies and participate more effectively in trade negotiations at the bilateral, regional and multilateral levels; 
  • Work to open up markets for African exporters and traders through trade and market access information and advocacy;
  • Support the implementation of the AfCFTA and advocate for the inclusion of Bank initiatives under the AfCFTA (e.g. PAPSS, MANSA, Adjustment Facility); 
  • Raise the profile of the Bank as a leading source of trade policy and market access information in Africa; and
  • Summarize and disseminate relevant trade policy and market access information for management, the Bank’s stakeholders and African clients.
  • Develop and manage relationships with organised private sector focused on promoting Intra-African trade (e.g. Bilateral Business Councils, Pan-African Chamber of Commerce, Sub-Regional Business Councils).
  • Play an active role in trade and investment promotion activities in Africa, especially those directed towards intra-regional trade and investments.
  • Manage high level relationship with stakeholders especially the African Union, PAFTRAC, CoDA, SDGC etc. 
  • Create advocacy and communication tools to support the work of the Bank and PAFTRAC 
  • Any other duties as assigned by Management.

Personal Specification

Skills, Knowledge & Attitude
  • Bachelor’s degree and post graduate degree in Economics, Business, Communications, Event Management, Social Sciences, International Trade, or other trade related disciplines from a recognized University or a recognized post graduate professional qualification in a relevant area; 
  • Sound experience of at least 5 years with a leading corporate, think tank or development/international finance institution and familiarity with African trade issues and advocacy and communication; 
  • Demonstrated experience in advocacy and communication;
  • Knowledge of the role of trade and market information in terms of facilitating Intra-African Trade and investment;
  • Ability to communicate and function in a culturally diverse and change oriented setting with good knowledge of banking practices in Africa; 
  • Ability to interact with senior officials of national, regional and international trade and investment bodies and national governments and to represent the Bank in important professional fora where oral presentation of papers will be necessary to high level technical and professional audiences; 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English. Knowledge of  the Bank’s other working languages is an added advantage (French, Arabic and Portuguese);
  • Demonstrated leadership capabilities, including ability to organize and manage human resources to attain goals; and 
  • Ability to demonstrate proof of passion and commitment to the socio-economic empowerment of African countries and the ability to support the achievement of Afreximbank’ s mandate.



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