Business Development Director

Job Description

KRA 1: Corporate Strategy:

  • Develop strategy to grow market share in diagnostics, radiology, medical devices, medical/surgical consumables and pharmaceuticals across the group;
  • Understand market opportunities and potential in Pyramid Group markets
  • Develop new market initiatives, including market readiness, assess competitive landscape, conduct market research and analyse business opportunities for group operations;
  • Lead the execution of competitive strategies and generate competitive intelligence for the group;
  • Lead and assist with the creation of all phases of a business case (market analysis, strategic fit, financial models, marketing plans, and integration plans) and the implementation of the business case in collaboration with internal & external stakeholders;
  • Participate in regular long-term strategic review and planning for business;


KRA 2: Funders tracking and solutions planning

  • Develop comprehensive solutions to deliver the funders model
  • Create a mapping of Funders business in Pyramid Group key markets
  • Work with country teams to develop and maintain pipeline of top funders healthcare projects and prospective projects in Company’s scope, including donors and DFIs;
  • Coordinate with local tendering teams for submission of applications for such large funded projects;
  • Manage relationships with senior leadership of current and prospective funders.
  • Deliver key measures of Funders project including revenue and impact

KRA 3: Due Diligence:

  • As manager responsible for acquisition and growth activities, develop and participate in investigations, evaluations, negotiations, due diligence, and integration in accordance with group objectives and plans;
  • Manage due diligence for company expansion into new territories


KRA 4: Financial Analysis:


  • The Business Development Director will develop the financial models that support the assessment and underlying valuation of investment/acquisition opportunities.
  • The Business Development Director will collaborate directly with both Finance and with Pyramid’s Management Team to develop metric-driven models and forecasts that inform new investments by the group.


KRA 5: Integration:

  • Work with management team to implement corporate and business level strategies that have been approved by the board across each business unit as needed;
  • Collaborate and coordinate with managers in the development and execution of key growth initiatives that cut across the countries in the group
  • To develop solutions that are working in some countries and duplicating the same to the other countries;
  • Support Chief Financial Officer on creating margin-enhancement and cost-cutting strategies on an as-needed basis.

KRA 6: Board and Corporate Strategy presentations:

  • The Business Development Director will assist with the development of corporate strategy presentations, board-meeting dossiers, and other special projects.

KRA 7: Supervision of tender specialist:

  • Supervise the activities of the tender specialists within the group and ensure all tenders are submitted on time
KRA 8 : Compliance
  • Ensure adherence to all company policies



This position reports directly to the Global VP of Business/Sales.
This position does not currently have any direct reports at the global level, but some country-level staff may have a dotted reporting line to the Director, to ensure aligned incentives and successful, globally coordinated implementation.

Personal Specification


Strong competencies in relationship management, analysis, due diligence and Microsoft Office are required, as well as a strong working knowledge of the healthcare sector and local country-specific contexts.
Preference of work experience with Funders/Funded projects
Experience: Minimum Ten years’ in the healthcare sector with relevant master’s degree (e.g. MBA, MPH, MD).








Job Level