Job Description

  1. Tailor the content and style of individual writing assignments according to their purpose – whether they are intended to sell or inform
  2. Identify key messages – understand the main thing that we want the reader to feel and do and how to communicate this powerfully
  3. Write clear, persuasive copy that drives engagement (including clicks, conversions, and registrations) across a variety of channels, including:
  • Digital ads: Craft attention-grabbing headlines & calls to action for advertising campaigns including display, social, and other digital formats
  • Landing pages: Write copy for landing pages, including gated content opt-ins, webinar and event registrations, search engine marketing, direct response campaigns, and more
  • Email campaigns: Write intriguing and descriptive subject lines, pre-headers, and email body copy that drives readers to engage with content, events, and other offers
  • Marketing events: Write copy for a variety of event needs, including event invitations & communication, printed collateral, tradeshow booth messaging, and more
  • Sales enablement campaigns: Create email scripts that sales and business development teams can use to outreach to prospects sharing new content, events, offers, and more
  • Social media: Engage customers and prospects by writing copy to support social media campaigns, including organic and paid reach

Personal Specification

  • Excellent writing ability, including the ability to write in different styles and to other people’s direction
  • Good research and analytical skills to gain an accurate understanding of the subject in question
  • The organizational ability to manage multiple projects, often to tight deadlines
  • A creative approach, both in coming up with ideas for new projects and for getting a message across innovatively
  • The ability to work independently and flexibly
  • Good attention to detail, including the ability to proofread your own and others’ work
  • Strong interpersonal skills as you’ll be working with a range of clients as well as creative and marketing team members
  • An understanding of digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Specific IT skills, such as an understanding of HTML or WordPress.
  • ability to manage multiple tasks under tight deadlines
  • analytical skills
  • attention to detail
  • capability to work independently
  • creative
  • organized







Job Level

Entry Level