Group Property Manager

Job Description

The Group Property Manager will be responsible for managing all aspects of the estate to ensure they are in line with strategic objectives. The individual will provide strategic leadership and effective management of the built estate and hard & soft facilities management through a combination of both in-house and outsourced resources.

The estate currently includes:

  • Over 7000 telecoms sites in 6 markets across Africa – this figures is targeted to grow to in excess of 12,000 towers by the end of 2025
  • Head offices in each country (UK, Dubai, SA, Ghana, Tanzania, DRC, Congo B, Senegal) and regional offices in some markets.
  • Warehouses in all African markets

Personal Specification

Education/Business Degree: Property/Real Estate related degree or post graduate degree required as a minimum.

Work Experience: At least 10 years prior work experience in commercial and/or telecoms surveying with at least 5 years with managerial responsibilities.

Industry/Certifications: Such as: MRICS – Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors; SACPVP – South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession and SAIBPP membership preferred.



  • Site Acquisition
  • Site Permitting
  • Community Consultation
  • Property Management
  • Contract Management
  • Landlord Management
  • Lease renewal / Rent Review
  • Office/Warehouse estate/Facilities management
  • People Management
  • Sustainability and Environmental Issues
  • People Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Innovation
  • Building and supporting teams 


  • Driving results
    Holding people accountable
  • Problem solver
  • Culture and change champion
  • Compelling communication
  • Stakeholder relations management
  • Process management
  • Delegation
  • Innovation
  • Team building and collaboration

Behavioural Qualities:

  • Takes initiative
  • Works independently
  • Self-starter
  • Manages time
  • Prioritisation


Operational Delivery

  • Definition, implementation, oversight, reporting and governance of land acquisition processes for new sites incorporating the requirements of key investors such as the IFC. (Environmental, Indigenous Peoples, Cultural Heritage, Flora and Fauna etc)
  • Commercial governance of rental payments and strategy, ensuring rents or land purchases are at market appropriate levels
  • Oversight and governance related to the transfer of physical assets on closing following M&A activities.
  • Oversight, reporting and governance of permitting activities required prior to new site construction and of subsequent renewals
  • Management and accountability, reporting and governance of all lease renewals and rental payments, ensuring coordination between commercial, finance and property teams
  • Responsible for the coordination, oversight and reporting of all community engagement activates prior to, during and post site construction. 
  • Community / landlord issues to be centrally monitored
  • Centralised governance and coordination of Notices to Quit, ensuring mitigation activities are delivered ensuring service continuity.
  • Responsible for the facilities management of Helios Towers offices, including office set up and design, office moves, branding initiatives, health & safety and maintenance
  • Responsible for the management of all insurance policies and property related claims in all markets
  • Responsible for lease negotiation of Helios Towers’ offices, warehouses and other facilities

Key Performance Indicators

  • Value created by optimizing business projects and reducing costs
  • Value created from improving processes enabling quicker delivery
  • Value created & cost-effectiveness achieved by process optimization, new initiatives and improved operations/ways of work etc.
  • Value created from improved Stakeholder Engagements
  • Value created through demonstrating the HT Values and sustaining an engaged workforce​

Role Dependencies

HT policies and procedures

Stakeholders Landscape

Internal Stakeholders: Interaction and Relationship

  • Director of Sustainability & Organizational Development

  • General Counsel and Company Secretary

  • Site Acquisition teams in each market

  • Heads of Legal in each market

  • Group Finance

  • Group Sales and Commercial

  • Group Supply Chain

  • OpCo MDs

  • OpCo HR

External Stakeholders: Interaction and Relationship

  • Landlords

  • Investors

  • PLC Board Members

  • Customers







Job Level

Mid-Senior Level