Head of Finance

Job Description

Responsible for developing and implementing of Afrimoney financial and accounting  systems, processes, procedures and reporting in order to ensure effective control, monitoring, evaluation of AAMMSA Money business activities.    
Job Context:
  • Oversee setting of annual MM business revenue projections and ensure close monitoring of performance visa a vis the the approved business plan.
  • Responsible for the budgeting, monitoring and evaluation of AAMMSA’s overall Operational  ( OPEX) and Capital Expenditure ( CAPEX) to ensure optimal cost control for the Afrimoney business activities.
  • Ensure timely compilation of financial reports and submission of periodic updates by the MM Finance team regarding the business performance vis a vis set targets.
Key Responsibilities
  • Work closely with the MM Director Of Operations and CEO to develop and implement AAMMSA’s annual business plan and actively contribute towards the implementation of the agreed upon milestones and activities.
  • Responsible for creation and implementation of Afrimoney financial and accounting processes, procedures and work instructions in accordance with professional and international financial management standards.
  • Approve Afrimoney pricing structure including customer tariffs or discounts and Agent/Partner commissions, fee-share as per business plan.
  • Ensure close monitoring and evaluation of all incoming MM revenue from the various business streams by the Finance team and timely reporting of areas of business improvement.
  • In charge of establishing a cordial working relationship with all partner banks and financial institutions that work with AAMMSA-Afrimoney and attending regular business meetings with them.
  • Oversee setting up and financial management, reconciliation and reporting of all MM Bank and institutional wallets accounts including float, disbursement, revenue and operational accounts on the MM platform and with various financial institutions countrywide.
  • Responsible for finance verification and approvals of opening and linking of AAMMSA bank accounts, standing orders, inter bank funds transfers, AAMMSA & Institutional business wallet account creation.
  • Ensure timely posting of accounting entries into the accounting system and continuous verification of systemic transactions on the mobile money system by the Finance team on a day-to-day basis.
  • Oversee the budgeting, facilitation, monitoring and evaluation of AAMMSA’s operational and capital expenditure to ensure optimum cost control for the Afrimoney business activities.
  • Approve orders of MM logistics including POS terminals, and stationery, marketing and branding materials.
  • Approve vendor and supplier payments in accordance with the signed agreements.
  • Approve monthly payments of AAMMSA Super and Master Agent and Recharge Distributor commissions in accordance with the signed partner contracts.
  • Oversee the timely generation of institutional client invoices and ensure collection of accounts receivable by the designated business managers.
  • Responsible for overseeing the generation of Journal Vouchers(JV) by the MM Finance team on a day to day basis in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Ensure regular update of records of the MM technical, administrative, financial and operational inventory by the Finance team.
  • Oversee computation of tax returns and ensure timely submission of the tax reports and securing of the necessary tax clearance letter for AAMMSA on an on-going basis.
  • Confirm finance input to various Requests For Proposals ( RFPs) and ensure that bids submitted are competitive, but profitable.
  • In charge of verifying and submitting of monthly MM financial reports including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statements, PSP transaction and dashboard reports and their timely submission to AAMMSA / Africell management and Banco Nacionale de Angola.
  • Facilitate external auditors and ensure that all finance inputs are provided to enable the various reviews by authorised professional firms and Banco Nacionale de Angola.
  • Train, manage and supervise the designated staff members and ensure their compliance with professional standards and overall performance of the Afrimoney Finance Department.
  • Work very closely and provide financial support to MM- Director of Operations to ensure maximum compliance with Banco Nacionale de Angola – PSP regulations and achievement of annual business plan.
  • Provide motivational leadership to the MM staff in their day to day business management of AAMMSA.
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by the Chief Executive Officer or CFO

Personal Specification

Education & Experience
  • Minimum of Degree or Diploma in Finance, Accounting, ACCA, Auidt or a related field
  • Minimum 10 years experience at Finance Management and leadership level in a related environment
  • Computer Knowledge in MS Excel, Word, Power Point, Digital Payments Systems.
  • Must have a high level of integrity, be a team player and adhere to time keeping.
  • Experience in Finance Management and Digital Financial Services is an added advantage.
  • Able to communicate complicated Finance and accounting issues, with effective presentation skills.
  • Self-motivated, flexible and able to work with negligible supervision.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Should have analytical skills to evaluate different kinds of business activties.
  • Should be a motivational leader with strong training and team mentorship skills.
  • Able to deal with a wide range of people from different backgrounds.
  • Able to work under pressure and promptly meet deadlines.







Job Level