Enterprise Systems Security Architect

Job Description

Job Purpose:

Establishes and enforces the Security Model, technologies and standards for system architects and designers of ES, DBMS, Middleware systems, massaging systems, etc.

Responsible for enterprise systems (ES) integration. This includes defining the opportunities for integration, selecting the tools, specifying the shared data & code resources, defining the interfaces and data-flows, and monitoring the success of said integration.

To compiles or designs architectural models of current and proposed systems across the enterprise systems (ES) unit for use internally and in conjunction with the rest of the ICT team and Partners.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Focuses on the standards and technologies for enabling systems performance qualities, such as availability, scalability, recoverability, etc.
  • Evaluates and selects the enterprise’s server hardware, operating system, job control.
  • Balances the quality issues cost vs. robustness, and hardware architecture, such as share-nothing n-tier vs. share-all symmetric multi-processing (SMP).
  • Monitors performance benchmarks.
  • Participates in the drafting of Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • Establishes a process to monitor existing systems for performance problems and drafts system migration plan if necessary.
  • Responsible for translating application requirements and business process models (BPM) into component and interface specifications.
  • Ensures that the Technology Partners and development teams adhere to the principles established by the Enterprise Architects.
  • Designs first-draft graphical UML & ER models that are delivered to the software development & DBA teams.
  • Selects the paradigm and technology for application program-to-program communication (APPC) among the components.
  • Determines the overall priority ranking of each of the possible system qualities (cost, reusability, robustness, etc.) so the other architects can design models that enforce the “balance of concerns”.
  • Responsible for defining the application tiers, frameworks, components types and interfaces.
  • Specifies and provides ownership of reusable application components or reusable application code.
  • Sets Data Policy and the technical solution for the management, storage, access, navigation, movement, and transformation of data.
  • Specifies recommended DBMS and ETL (extract, transform, and load) tools and technologies for structured and unstructured content.
  • Creates and maintains the Metadata Repository.
  • Creates a semantically rich business model of the enterprise problem domain that:
  • Is independent of any technology solution
  • Defines the Content of the business
  • Compiles and maintains the Enterprise Schema across all applications.
  • Enforces principles of good canonical data design.
  • Examines and enforces opportunities to provide data reuse, balancing the issues of centralization and replication.
  • Ensures the preservation of strategic data assets as applications and technologies de jure come and go.
  • Reviews the policies and work of the Data Base Administrators.
  • Monitors security guidelines and standards.
  • Establishes and enforces the Security Policy and Trust Model for Administrators to follow in delegating and granting application privileges.
  • Establishes and enforces the Security Model, technologies and standards for system architects and designers.
  • Tracks warnings of new types of security threats and assures that the systems in place guard against these threats.
  • Establishes the systems for discovering, tracking and convicting abusers of security and system integrity.
  • Performs periodic security audits on existing systems.
  • Ensure the development of a high- performing team through embedding formal Performance appraisal and informal coaching… Manage team on how to conduct meaningful Performance appraisal discussions with their direct reports and ensure that they conduct the process effectively
  • Determine and analyze training and development needs for people in your area, Ensure that identified training is budgeted for and executed
  • Establish and maintain a succession plan for the key roles in the area
  • With the support from the HR Business Partner, interview and recruit new members and provide support to them during the recruitment of their teams on request
  • Ensure that all poor performance is addressed through the NMB Performance guidelines and that continued poor performance is adequately dealt with.
  • Develop appropriate Employee Opinion Survey action items together with the management team of the business unit and ensure that items are executed
  • Motivate employees in the department and ensure that their efforts are recognized
  • Act as second level escalation point for all grievances raised in the unit


  • Project management
  • Process/Operations design and management
  • People management
  • Risk management
  • Report writing
  • Presentation skills
  • Systems architecture and design
  • Systems implementation
  • Systems administration
  • Understanding of financial sector systems architectures
  • 6 years’ experience in ICT area responsible for technology solutions design and support
  • Experience in enterprise systems architecture, especially security and DB architect 
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate complex issues and concepts in a simple manner
  • Demonstrated ability and experience to develop and defend technical recommendations and budgetary plans
  • Demonstrated experience working in a deadline-oriented environment managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Demonstrated experience and ability to work effectively in a dynamic, collaborative and fast-paced atmosphere
  • Detailed knowledge of the application architecture, data structures and interfacing/integration capabilities as well as design processes
  • 8 years’ experience as an enterprise systems architecture
  • Degree or equivalent with focus on enterprise Security systems architecture & designs, DB management or similar
  • Post-graduate – Information Systems/Computer science/Computer engineering

Please note, interviews for this position will take place at our Careers in Africa Recruitment Summit in London, 16- 18th of May 2014. Relevant candidates will be contacted and invited to attend the event.