Actuarial Manager (OMAO)

Job Description

Key Focus: This role is responsible for coordinating work streams and projects and for liaison with other functional areas. The incumbent is individually accountable for achieving results through others, over periods of 1-3 years.

Additional Qualification Information 

Qualified Actuary: 8+ years’ actuarial experience.

CCM Level: Manager of Others

Key Result Areas


  • Coordinates and networks across the business unit to align direction.
  • Makes decisions in complex actuarial matters, with responsibilities spanning both finance and development.
  • Resolves issues with other business areas.
  • Coordinates work streams and projects in product development & product support.
  • Ensures that all issues and project risks are managed.
  • Supports and stands in for either the Finance or Development Actuary.
  • This role coordinates actuarial work streams and projects. The incumbent is individually accountable for achieving results through efforts of actuarial students, actuaries and if required, actuarial specialists, over periods of 1-3 years.
  • Accountable for others’ time, task and output quality, for periods of up to 1 year.
  • Balances own priorities with directing and motivating others.
  • Plans and assigns work over the applicable period.
  • Guides and directs staff to achieve operational excellence standards.
  • Creates a climate for optimal performance.
  • Manages performance.
  • Selects potential staff to sustain customer/client service delivery.

Role Description

  • Market facing role with a generalist approach and big picture alignment and a good understanding of general insurance.
  • Client engagement with broker consultants and customers.
  • Coordinates work streams and projects.
  • Coordinates and networks across the business unit to align direction.
  • Involved in business planning.
  • Involved with Distribution Economics.
  • Makes decisions in complex actuarial matters.
  • Ensures that all issues and risks are covered.
  • Responsible for the team’s specific output.
  • Gives direction to the team.
  • Resolves issues with other business areas.
  • Responsibilities span both Finance and Development.
  • The focus may differ according to size and type of business area and typically includes product development, product support and liaison with other areas.
  • Pro-actively engages with reinsures to ensure treaties appropriate (pricing, retention, free cover limits, etc.).
  • Understand the market, competitor offerings, to give feedback into product development, enhancements.
  • Assists with experience analyses of group life business.
  • Very involved with retail mass product development project. (TE / MMBD).
  • Position will cover both corporate and retail business. Won’t be developing products as such, but give input to assist in developing and building them.
  • Assists with quotes checking.
  • Assists finance actuary, business planning, actuarial valuations, data assistance.

Competence Requirements

  • The ability to make balanced and sound recommendations and decisions, by understanding issues and problems, evaluating the consequences of alternative solutions and to select the most appropriate alternative. Recommendations and decisions need to be implementable, effective and well thought through.
  • The ability to perceive, interpret and translate information (stimuli) in order to competently performs processes and tasks at various levels of complexity within the organisation. It also includes the ability to apply analytical, integrative, lateral or systemic thinking; depending on the task at hand.
  • Willingness to work with others in a team environment. This includes working towards team goals, participating in decision making, co-operating with others and offering assistance when needed.
  • Having achieved a Full performance level of technical knowledge, related to a specific role.
  • Establishing a course of action for self and others to ensure that goals are achieved. This includes the effective management of time and resources; and the ability to adapt plans when appropriate.
  • Planning, supporting and guiding/coaching others by focussing them on the accomplishment of work objectives through active performance management and development. This is done to enhance and strengthen their respective skills and abilities that they can fulfil current and future role responsibilities more efficiently.
  • Assuming responsibility and accountability for the successful completion of tasks and adhering consistently to standards of excellence. Ensuring that all relevant detail has been considered.