Assistant Driller_London Summit

Job Description

PURPOSE OF ROLE:Responsible for the planning and execution of tasks on the drill floor, derrick, mud treatment room and mud pump room, including first line maintenance of drilling systems and equipment. Operates pipe racking equipment on main or auxiliary well centers (dual activity) and on rigs with offline capabilities
• Assist the driller in the safe drilling of each well according to the well program• Responsible for the execution of first line maintenance for all of the drilling equipment according to company procedures• Carry out basic well control duties applicable for position• Maintain housekeeping in assigned areas• Measure and record all critical dimensions of downhole equipment to be run in the well• Prepares and makes ready all tubular, handling gear and any equipment associated with forthcoming well operations• Maintain applicable reports as required by driller, client, and company procedures• Actively participate in safety, departmental, pre-tour, client meetings, etc.• Ensure that approved rig operating procedures are adhered to at all times. Report all unsafe activities, situations, and potential hazards to supervisor• Ensure housekeeping is maintained in assigned areas• Actively participate in the Safety Management Systems• Mentor, develop and train crew members to ensure they are competent to work in their current job positions and where appropriate coached and prepared for the next position• Perform all emergency duties as per designation on the station bill• Effectively use all safety and environmental tools employed by Seadrill (4-point check, OBS cards, PTW etc.)• Complete training requirements in a timely manner as per agreed training matrix
Valid Supervisors Well Control CertificationHigh School Diploma or Equivalent
One year as Derrick man or previous experience as an Assistant Driller on jack-ups or land based rigs
Fluent in the reading and writing of the English language. Able to operate rig floor equipment utilizing HIE (Human Interface Equipment)
Upholds Seadrill´s core values and reputation both internally and externally:Safety-conscious, Accountable, Inspirational, Loyal and Proactive
Must pass Physical, Drug Screen, and Background Check. Complete competency requirements for current position and work towards gaining competency in the next position.