Associate, Research (Economic Modelling)

Job Description

Nature & scope

The position holder will be responsible for the collection of relevant data – operational, business, macroeconomic and trade and development of repository of information about trade and markets in Africa. The position holder will also assist in the analysis of data and production of econometric output including graphs for various research and Bank reports, and assist in the production of research studies and preparation of technical reports for Senior Management. The role also involves supporting the creation of trade-facilitating infrastructure and market intelligence and providing needed assistance to origination Departments.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Supporting the collection, consolidation, timely update and monitoring of trade data covering the globe, major trading regions, global trade with Africa and intra-African trade to guide Bank policies and operations and inform business decisions throughout the continent;
  • Supporting the development of up-to-date information on trade highlighting the dynamics, including trade flows, supply and demand in the various sectors across Africa to enable investors and entrepreneurs identify potential markets and guide their business decisions; and also guide governments to improve policy formulation and investment decisions on trade and economic development;
  • Collecting and analyzing key economic and trade data for preparation and/or enhancement of research methodology for required studies in the areas of trade, trade finance and economic development issues important to the Bank and Africa;
  • Supporting the team in its efforts to provide market intelligence services including, trade opportunities, market access requirements and restrictions, price information, trade and commercial policies, trading environment and market participants market access;
  • Consolidating and monitoring of key economic and trade data covering the globe, major trading regions, global trade with Africa and intra-African trade to guide Bank policies and operations;
  • Maintaining and updating quantitative and qualitative trade, economic, or financial databases relevant for Bank operations;
  • Contributing to the collection and analysis of trade and economic data to inform Bank operations;
  • Supporting research on growth and trade forecasts, through increased access to reliable and availability of econometric analysis;
  • Supporting ongoing efforts to build time series data on trade and trade finance in Africa;
  • Supporting relevant Departments of the Bank to carry out their operations;
  • Contributing to the preparation of reports, including the African Trade Report, Africa in Figures, as well as other key periodic reports of the Bank;
  • Gathering data and other relevant materials for preparation of presentations;
  • Contributing through gathering of relevant materials, to the preparation of regular research reports to monitor developments in global trade and trade finance as well as the Bank’s key markets and products;
  • Supporting the conduct of cutting-edge research in economics and finance, ranging from theoretical methodological issues to applied economics touching on trade development and financial issues covering sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing and services;
  • Preparing first daft of literature review to support the conduct of research and other relevant studies;
  • Providing regular support to Research and Statistics units as well as other units in the Department as necessary.


Skills, Knowledge and Attitude

  • At least a Master’s degree or equivalent in Economics, Statistics, or other related fields from a recognized University;
  • Sound experience of at least 4 years in Statistics or economic analysis, in a reputable organization and experience in trade and development economics will be an advantage;
  • Demonstrated experience in collection, monitoring and management of large economic and trade data and preparing presentations;
  • Demonstrated experience in using software to conduct market research;
  • Excellent knowledge of market intelligence and balance of payment analysis;
  • Ability to analyze and draw inference from the analyses of financial and economic data;
  • Good knowledge of banking practices in Africa;
  • Good knowledge of relevant statistical and econometric software for analyzing large volumes of data (e.g. SPSS, STATA, Eviews, Mathlab, SAS, MICROFIT, PcGive, etc.);
  • Familiarity with major trade database including those of ITC, WTO, UNCTAD, and DOT; and other database such as WDI and IFS;
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English. Knowledge of the Bank’s other working languages is an added advantage (French, Arabic and Portuguese).


Contractual information

  • Permanent role;
  •  Willing and able to relocate to Cairo;
  • Willingness to travel extensively and to work long hours where required in order to achieve the Bank’s objectives;
  •  Ability to communicate and function in a culturally diverse and change oriented setting.