Business Development Manager: Energy/Oil & Gas/corporate- Rest of Africa

Job Description

Reports to:  Head: Corporate ROA

Location: Bryanston

Division: Business Development

Position Name: Business Development Manager


To grow and underwrite corporate business in the rest of Africa, to ensure performance targets are achieved in line with the Old Mutual Property and Casualty business strategy, and in line with our values and culture.

Relationships /Stakeholders:

  • Direct Distribution
  • Sales
  • Brand, Customer & Transformation
  • Underwriting
  • Claims
  • Operations
  • Change & Strategy
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Risk
  • IT

Level of work

Level P proposed on Patterson scale:

Time-span of work: 12-18 months

  • Various unrelated variables, spanning across different functional areas and require an understanding of organisational processes, procedures, standards and controls.
  • Accountable for strategy implementation through integrating various functional activities and ensuring adherence to an operational framework of policies and procedures in order to optimise service delivery.
  • Proactive identification of interconnected functional problems, determine impact, patterns and trends, identify best fit alternatives, best practice solutions and anticipate future problems. Readily available information, access to advice or precedent on approaches to solve problems.
  • Integrate readily available information related to demand, activity, quality indices, staffing and resource utilisation produced from across various functional areas, compare and analyse, and produce detailed reports identifying trends, discrepancies and inconsistencies.
  • Judgement is required on the theory and analysis of information, workflow procedures and methods to create best practice, and the impact may extend to other divisions.
  • Strategy execution through decisions on operational goals, implementation of best practice, and alignment of functional activities to operational frameworks of policies and procedures.
  • Source, allocate, manage and control resources across different teams and disciplines through resource plans executed in line with operational specifications and overall organisational plans.
  • Adhere to all requirements of the budgeting process, draw up a realistic budget that include workforce, technology, materials and equipment used, monitor planned vs. actual, and report on cost efficiency.
  • Recommend changes to optimise processes, systems, policies and procedures, and direct the implementation of change and innovation initiated by the organisation.
  • Planning for handling the work outputs related to some particular product or service being provided, pulling together a number of interdependent functional activities, and specifying the priorities, standards and procedures to be followed to ensure efficiency.


Grow specialist business lines profitably


  • New business growth
  • Pipeline management
  • Tactical implementation of corporate and niche strategy


  • Manage relationships with the broker channel and ensure effective broker service levels.
  • Cross-sell into OM and Nedbank capital/investment.
  • Drive new business growth and build critical mass within agreed timeframes in target regions.
  • Manage relationships with the in country team and ensure effective service levels.
  • Manage and drive portfolio profitability and growth.
  • Identify and create coordinated business development opportunities.
  • Attain business development targets, goals and performance levels. Comply with business rules and conditions.
  • Underwrite utilising best practice underwriting framework, processes and practices within delegated authority mandate.
  • Manage campaigns and interventions in line with opportunities, available resources, product scope and best practises in short-term insurance.
  • Manage the allocated business development, incentive and expense budget for the team against set targets.
  • Manage all costs, resource capacity planning and utilisation to support the achievement of business development targets, volumes, operational budgets and plans.
  • Identify and drive opportunities to improve and expand product and service offerings.
  • Actively manage and report on the achievement of business development targets as well as industry performance and trends.
  • Lead the measurement, assessment and reporting on the performance of teams against targets and industry norms.
  • Deliver the required customer experience to maximise their potential and the profitability.
  • Translate strategy into relevant service standards and processes, setting, communicating and measuring  the corresponding operational measures and targets.
  • Collate, monitor and resolve customer/broker queries and complaints when necessary.
  • Control and monitor all required management activities in region.
  • Management and implementation of ad hoc projects.
  • Keep abreast of market conditions and trends.


  • Broker relationships
  • Cross-sell relationships
  • Business development targets
  • Quotation accuracy and efficiency
  • Data accuracy and completeness
  • Customer query resolution
  • Service standards

Best-practice Service Delivery


Optimise customer and broker service and relations to ensure customer and broker attraction and retention


  • Actively implement and monitor service practices to determine the status of customer and broker service and relations
  • Proactively identify and implement changes required in customer and broker service and relations
  • Develop customer and broker solutions (process, product, systems) to address changing service requirements, implement customer centric strategies and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Manage effective SLA’s with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Provide professional services; where expectations are managed.


  • Customer and broker feedback.
  • Drive continuous improvement to ensure optimisation and best practice
  • Accountability 
  • Outputs
  • Implement continuous improvements initiated


  • Streamline and integrate existing business processes and systems
  • Keep up to date with Best Operating Practice
  • Identify, prioritise, develop business cases for, present and execute Best Operating Practices
  • Create collaborative relationships with other departments to determine internal and external process improvements designed to enhance the customer experience and value
  • Optimise departmental  performance through targeted business intelligence to ensure that it becomes the primary way of driving performance and execution
  • Evaluate and implement new systems and best operating practices


Optimised business process and operating procedures.

Contribute to a suitable BOM , CVP and IVP


Implement optimised BOM and value propositions for brokers and clients which ensure regulatory compliance


  • Co-design a business operating model which is compliant, effective and efficient.
  • Empower Level 2 emerging  leaders and specialists to achieve technical excellence and innovation
  • Define and benchmark competitive performance measures
  • Create an aligned  balanced scorecard of operational measures in order to optimally mange performance
  • Ensure the department, section or specialist function is adequately resourced and has recruitment, retention and HR development plans in place
  • Ensure that all the team members consistently discharge their duties.
  • Implement and manage a People Capability plan that ensures that the department has the human resources and skills required to deliver on the strategy for the short-, medium- and long-term.
  • Identify, attract, appoint, grow, engage, reward and retain top talent to drive operational execution.
  • Manage poor performance constructively and decisively
  • Demonstrate leadership behaviour of personal involvement, commitment and dedication to the business area in support of the organisation’s culture.
  • Communicate a meaningful operational context to apply people best practice, fostering an environment of continuous learning and improvement.
  • Identify, define, communicate and obtain buy-in for performance expectations through the implementation of the chosen Mutual & Federal performance management system.
  • Ensure mechanisms are implemented to support major changes to the function by acting as a change agent.
  • Create a collaborative environment which allows for employees within a functional area to work together thereby leveraging constructive team dynamics and innovation
  • Ensure the work environment enables employees to “live” the organisation culture and values.
  • Actively participate in own professional development and career path.


  • Quality of new recruits
  • Staff turnover
  • Quality and effectiveness of performance management
  • Quality and effectiveness of talent management
  • Growth and development of staff
  • Growth and development of self

Financial and corporate governance to ensure efficiencies


  • Adhere to all financial requirements and ensure cost efficiency through effective management of planned vs. actual
  • Implement governance controls to effectively manage risks and potential returns.


  • Contribute to the development and implementation of fit for purpose budgets.
  • Budget by weighing up costs and risks pertaining to workforce, technology, materials and equipment used
  • Effective budgetary compilation and control
  • Manage vendor relationships, and budgets associated with projects
  • Keep within budget constraints for an annual period, monitor planned vs. actual, and report on cost efficiency.
  • Take accountability for the management of business related risks within own area.
  • Operate within agreed mandates as documented in the business rules.


  • Budget timeframes adhered to Accuracy Targets
  • Risks mitigated and managed within area.
  • Compliance to mandates.

Competency name

Persuading and Influencing

  • The capacity to persuade, convince, influence others for the purpose of achieving desired results
  • Apply targeted persuasion and negotiation techniques.
  • The ability to anticipate the effect of one’s approach or chosen arguments on the emotions and sensitivities of others.
  • Adapts arguments to appeal to the needs or interests of others.
  • Uses the process of give-and-take to gain support.
  • Commands the use of persuasion techniques consisting of a combination of two or more resources (e.g. two different arguments, examples or data) to offer basic alternatives intended for improvements in the workplace.

Results Orientation

  • Consistently delivers required business results; sets and achieves achievable, yet aggressive, goals; consistently complies with quality standards and meets deadlines; maintains focus on organizational goals
  • Surpasses established expectations
  • Exceeds current expectations and pushes for improved results in own performance.
  • Takes on new roles and responsibilities when faced with unexpected changes.

Decision making and problem solving

  • The extent to which an individual is able to recognize and analyze a problem and/or a difficult situation and develop an appropriate and results-oriented course of action
  • The ability to solve problems of a fairly complex nature.
  • Considers the components of a problem or issue as they pertain to one’s own work and/or area of responsibility.
  • Seeks additional information about a situation other than what has been given and consults available resources.
  • Demonstrates ability to break down problems into simple lists of tasks or activities.

Team leadership

  • Effectively manages and guides group efforts; tracks team progress, adequately anticipates roadblocks, and changes course as needed to achieve team goals
  • Manage one or more teams under one’s supervision
  • Makes sure the practical needs of the team and team members are met.
  • Makes decisions by taking into account the differences among team members, and overall team requirements and objectives.
  • Ensures that the team’s tasks are completed.
  • Accepts responsibility for the team’s actions and results.

Customer Focus

  • Able to demonstrate concern for customer expectations & needs; make it a priority
  • Address and manage customer complaints to provide good quality customer care
  • Conveys realistic expectations to internal and external customers.
  • Gives high priority to addressing customer complaints.
  • Effectively manages customer expectations (e.g., reshapes incorrect/inappropriate assumptions, establishes realistic timeframes, pushes back as necessary).
  • Uses information about customers’ needs as the basis of problem-solving, decision-making, and organizational action.

Making a Sale

  • Manages the sales team and has input into sales strategy 
  • Includes all the processes involved in making a successful sale
  • Effectively motivates and incentivizes the sales team.
  • Effectively structures the sales team to deliver the desired results.
  • Institutes effective team building strategies to enhance relationships and create a positive working environment.
  • Empowers the team through effective training and development and the delegation of meaningful work.
  • Understands the challenges encountered by the sales team and is innovative is offering solutions.

Product Knowledge

  • Provide a service/sell a product through an awareness of the product/service
  • Detailed understanding of complex product features, benefits & application
  • Detailed understanding of more complex product features and benefits and their application to various situations.
  • Demonstrate strategies to maximize sales opportunities through the use of product knowledge.

Relationship Management and Networking

  • Relationship Management and Networking 
  • The capacity to develop and maintain personal and working relationships, and foster an organizational culture that promotes optimal individual job performance and overall organizational effectiveness.
  • The ability to form and sustain relationships with key client base
  • Builds networks with parties that can enable the achievement of the organization’s sales and marketing strategy.
  • Successfully builds trust and rapport with most customers.
  • Uses tactful, diplomatic methods of interaction that are context appropriate.
  • In most instances, effectively uses product and market knowledge.
  • Presents solutions that usually meet customer objectives.
  • Demonstrates a caring notion towards others and their needs.


  • Grade 12
  • Business/ Marketing Degree (BCOM/ BA MARKETING or equivalent)
  • Appropriate Insurance Qualification


  • 5 years’ in Short Term Insurance
  • 2 years’ experience in a management of people capacity
  • Computer literate, preferably with call centre software.

Career Path

  • Potential Position 1 Head: Corporate ROA
  • Potential Position 2 Head: Corporate & Niche
  • Potential Position 3 Executive: Business Development