CFO – Angola

Job Description

Main Purpose

The CFO has the responsibility to develop and implement the financial strategy of the company in line with the objectives of our client. He/she is responsible for providing correct and timely financial information, which will serve as a basis for analysis and decisions of this company. Primary activities include planning and optimisation of the company’s financial resources. The main Aim is the coordination of all functions of the financial department and employees, in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the company. 

Location: Lobito, Angola

Key Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and monitor assigned tasks to employees.
  • Evaluate continuously the performance of workers to whom tasks have been assigned and follow-up discrepancies.
  • Develop and manage the financial budge of the Financial Management area. 
  • Continuously reassess all internal processes and provide recommendations for improvements of the financial management.
  • Ensure that all activities within the financial management comply with the legislation and internal regulations.
  • Provide guidelines for the preparation of reports and statistics within the Financial Management; define requirements in terms of data/exhaustive and timely cycles and control compliance with requirements.
  • Propose a financial strategy for the company.
  • Implement the financial strategy.
  • Manage all financial risks.
  • Manage the collection and processing of all financial information, to support decision making as well as budget and planning process.
  • Guide the reporting, planning and financial analysis. 
  • Guide the control of financial management.
  • Assure that all financial processes comply with the requirements.
  • Provide financial and strategic assessment of business opportunities.
  • Ensure the preparation of tax returns.
  • Ensure that the systems and processes in use are appropriate for the business.
  • Work closely with internal and external auditors, in order to identify incidents and shortcomings of the control system and processes in place. 

Knowledge Skills and Abilities

  • Extensive experience in Finance, Financial Strategy, Accounting, Reporting and Financial Planning.
  • Expert knowledge of international accounting standards and the Angolan legislation regarding accounting.
  • Expert knowledge in accounting, internal accounting, Treasury and cash management.
  • Expertise in financial engineering, capital expenditure budget and risk management.
  • Expertise in revenue assurance in the telecommunications industry, fraud prevention measures, as well as risk management.
  • Excellent analytic skills.
  • Good capacity to identify and implement key strategic initiatives and carry them out.
  • Clear-sightedness to creating strategic initiatives related to measures of profitability (for example, cost control programmes).
  • Insightful ability of project management.
  • Fluency in Portuguese and English.
  • Excel: expert level.
  • Access, Word and PowerPoint: proficient level.
  • Ability to communicate and act effectively at executive level.

Academic Training

  • Higher Education: Master in Business Administration or Economics with specialization in Finance and Accounting.

Physical Skills / Intellectual / Leadership

  • Experience in team leadership in Financial Directorates.
  • Strong ability to understand interrelationships and complex environments.
  • Strong communication skills and interpersonal relationship.
  • Insightful negotiation skills.
  • Insightful manageability skills.
  • Strong corporate and financial capacity. 
  • Excellent management skills and dynamics to lead and manage a team. 

Application Conditions

All suitable candidates will be contacted within a maximum period of two weeks.