Change Programme Manager

Job Description

Scope of the Central Services Review

The successful completion of a full operational review and change implementation programme for JFK Central Services.  

This review will aim to deliver sustainable change accompanied by a future-proofed structure, increase in quality of service provision and reductions in headcount and cost.

The review to include all aspects of business activity including process, practices, locations, systems, structure and roles as well as customer requirements.

Central Services is defined as the following support functions within JFK: 

  • HR (incl. security, house staff, gender empowerment, welfare, medical and schools)
  • Finance and IT
  • Head office (incl. admin, office support and secretarial)
  • Engineering (incl. admin, fleet, transport, civil, mechanical services, energy and compliance, electrical, infrastructure, power supply)
  • Forestry (incl. sawmill and logging).



Role Description

Work closely with the JFK MD and senior management team to complete a full operational review and to develop an associated sustainable change programme for JFK Central Services. Implementation support may also be required, this will be determined by the content and complexity of the change programme.

Average headcount of Central Services over 12 months has been 929.  As at June 2019 it stands at 979. Regional HR Director Africa, Malawi visit, July 2019 V1.

Key responsibilities

  • Follow a recognisable project management methodology to implement impactful and sustainable process change.
  • Identify the relevant subject matter experts and build effective cross functional teams for the delivery of the project.
  • Analysing the structure, operations, managerial methods, processes, functions and data of all Central Services departments in order to propose, design and implement improvements.
  • Identify and focus on key areas of improvement and practical solutions that will deliver the greatest return on investment and improvements to internal customer requirements.
  • Document, train and implement control processes, i.e. ensuring the sustainability of the change.

Person specification

  • The ability to engage, conduct diagnosis, analyse findings, generate options and build commitment to solutions.
  • An excellent understanding of organisational development and design.
  • Personal gravitas and excellent influencing and interpersonal skills with people at all levels.
  • Proven leadership and change management skills.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, including presentation and facilitation skills.
  • Strong coaching/mentoring skills.
  • Effective planning and project management skills with the ability to set and work to deadlines.
  • Numeracy and ability to analyse quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Excellent cultural awareness with previous experience of working in Africa: ideally in rural commercial agricultural operations.