Chief Executive Officer

Job Description

Business:  African Operations

Job Family:  Sales & Distribution 

Organization Name:  African Operations 

Department Description: CCM Level: Manager of Function

 Reporting to: CEO – West Africa

Reportees: Functional heads (i.e. Distribution, Marketing, Operations, Risk, Financial, Product Development etc.)

Key Focus & Role Description

  • The main aim and purpose of the CEO role is to manage the overall business towards the achievement of business plans, aligned to broader organisational plans and strategies.
  • This is inclusive of the development of strategies in order to make the business profitable.
  • Main elements of the role incorporate the management of key stakeholder relationships, managing the development of the business in terms of product set and distribution (including economic viability).
  • Furthermore it includes the management of corporate culture and climate and compliance with country legislative requirements and good governance.
  • Key to the role is the nurturing and management of the relationship with the JV partner towards joint success

Key Result Areas

  • Strategy
  • Finance & Economics
  • People
  • Brand
  • Distribution
  • Operations
  • Risk and Governance
  • Information & Technology

Deliverables (work elements)


  • Development of a business strategy to build and grow the business in relevant markets.
  • Participate in Africa Strategy review sessions in order to align own country strategy in line with changes in strategic direction.
  • Conduct regular strategic discussions and drive the strategic agenda in the country and on behalf of the country in Africa Operations.
  • Identify and investigate potential business opportunities for growth and expansion.

Finance & Economics

  • Management of the overall P&L (Profit and Loss) of the business.
  • Set and manage overall expense and income targets and conduct regular reviews of progress to the targets.
  • Conduct analysis on the profitability of the product set, processes and infrastructure and investigate alternatives.
  • Ensure compliance to local legislative requirements as it pertains to the country specific financial laws.


  • Responsible for fostering a culture that promotes customer focus, ethical practices, integrity, a positive work climate and high performance.
  • Ensure compliance to organisational Human Resources governance and process and local labour laws.
  • Drive the implementation of an employee value proposition.
  • Ensure optimal productivity and organisational structure to support the business in it’s growth imperative.


  • Manage key external relationship to create a supportive brand, inclusive of media and marketing strategies.
  • Ensure the building of a productive relationship with the JV partner.
  • Regularly review brand relevance and effectiveness through customer reviews and research.


  • Develop appropriate distribution models and channels in order to grow the business, distribution is inclusive of:
  • Business development – seeking opportunities to build the business, and
  • Product development, appropriate to the market.
  • Ongoing review of opportunities for alternative distribution.
  • Ensures development of new business initiatives that deliver new sources of customers and revenue for the country.
  • Build key stakeholder relationships (internal / government / corporate) in order to support the distribution business.
  • Review distribution economics and ensure that an appropriate staffing and remuneration structure is in place.


  • Management of an effective and efficient operational delivery leg (inclusive of operational processes and service delivery).
  • Ensure that Service Level Agreements are both set up and managed effectively and at the appropriate cost.

Risk & Governance

  • Analyses risks and comes up with strategies for managing them and ensuring that assets of the Company are adequately safeguarded and maintained.
  • Establish and appropriate and objective risk, compliance and governance framework.

Information Technology

  • Accountable for the development and execution of an IT strategy.
  • Sourcing appropriate IT solutions within the required cost and delivery boundaries.
  • Manage strategic vendor and stakeholder relationships.
  • Manage the economics of IT. 

Management Effectiveness

  • Ensure capable management succession as well as progressive employee training and development programs.
  • Manages service delivery through a team of other managers for periods of 1-2 years.
  • Drives operational excellence throughout area of supervision.
  • Holds first line managers accountable for managerial work, including selection, performance management and talent management.
  • Develops managers and specialists under supervision.
  • Selects potential managers to sustain the talent pipeline.
  • Defines performance parameters (including balanced scorecard) and measurements for area under supervision.

Stakeholder Management

  • Ensures that capability and synergy exists within each channel and segment to manage key external client relationships in order to enhance the company’s distribution
  • Engages and manages all relevant stakeholders continuously, internal and external.

Competence Requirements

  • Accountability and Execution
  • Business Acumen
  • Control & Efficiency
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Influence
  • Leadership
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Thinking Skills


  • Post Graduate qualification with executive management experience, including distribution.
  • Previous experience in financial services & Life insurance