CiA London 2014_Oceaneering_ROV Pilot/Technician

Job Description


To pilot the ROV system as directed by the ROV Supervisor, to carry out survey, inspection or work tasks for the client at offshore work locations.

To perform planned maintenance and repair tasks on ROV units and ancillary equipment as required by regulations, Company and Client procedures.

To ensure that they understand the pre-dive briefing.

To ensure that they are conversant with any equipment that they are to use during the dive and that it is operational.

Familiarising themselves with all relevant task or inspection procedures prior to diving, so that correct methods are employed to gather data so that all relevant data is reported.

To conduct pre/post dive checks, assist in deployment and recovery of ROV with adherence to Company’s Quality Assurance, Safety and operational procedures.

To assist the Pilot of the vehicle in observation of video, monitoring of survey equipment and operation of vehicle tooling systems.

To conduct a high quality, informative commentary of ROV operations onto video tape for presentation to Client.

To maintain familiarity with Client data recording/reporting requirements and specifications for the operational activities which are being conducted in order to enhance quality of data capture.

Ensure application of safety at work regulations.

To perform the assigned tasks with due diligence regarding the quality, safety and environmental management systems of the Company.

To eliminate waste of whatever form, to suggest the use of more environmentally friendly substances and practices and contribute to the continuous improvement of the environment 


Assist with any other duties as and when required.

Undertake specific projects as instructed by management.


Know, understand and apply training.

Identify and report safety incidents.

Recognise and correct unsafe behaviour.

Recognise and correct unsafe conditions.

Report all injuries minor or serious.

Follow procedures.

Make suggestions for improvement.

If in doubt stop the job.

Operate to the Oceaneering HSE Policy and Operating Standards.


Must be in good health and able to pass Offshore Medical.

Must have a valid passport and be available for international travel.


 Degree or equivalent in Electrical/Electronics and or Mechanical/Hydraulic and/or recognised Trade apprenticeship in any of the above.  (Essential)

Proficient in written and spoken English. (Essential)



Operating/maintaining Work class ROV Systems engaged in following projects: –

Construction Projects  (Preferred)

Survey  (Preferred)

Drill Support  (Preffered)

Intervention  (Preferred) 


PC Literate  (Essential)

Working knowledge of Word  (Essential)

Working knowledge of Excel  (Preferred)

Para recrutar para esta e outras oportunidades interessantes, a Oceaneering irá participar no Fórum Careers in Africa London em Maio de 2014.

Os candidatos seleccionados serão contactados por um dos consultores da GCC dentro de duas semanas após a candidatura. Os candidatos bem-sucedidos terão a oportunidade de conhecer os HR Managers e os Line Managers durante o Fórum Careers in Africa.