CiA London 2014_Oceaneering_ROV Trainer Angola

Job Description


Instruct training courses including Pilot training, OPAC, introduction to ROVs, practical applications, etc.

Assist Training Supervisor and local ROV management to develop a training program to meet local needs and act in accordance with with WW Oceaneering training goals.

Assess existing training process and recommend methods to improve efficiency of training time while enhancing learning capabilities.

Help to identify potential candidates for local training positions and help to mentor these candidates

Assist to develop and publish a schedule of local training

Ensure local training courses have proper facilities, sufficient training materials and the correct mix of students.

Assist with selecting candidates for overseas training.

Utilize the Learning Mgt System (training database) to its fullest capacity, which includes but not limited to database functionality, scheduling, assessments, on line training, report writing.

Maximize the use of online learning and testing, use classroom based learning when necessary based upon the nature of the particular subjects and desired outcomes.

Ensure training processes include education, training and skills competency.

Ensure compliance with local laws and regulations including local nationalization requirements.

Work with management to develop any training/training spend reports required by local government agencies.

Work with management on the recruiting process in Angola.


Assist with any other duties as and when required.

Undertake specific projects as instructed by management.


Ensure that the Safety policies and procedures are understood and adhered to so far as is reasonably practicable in order to ensure a safe working environment.


Carry out work in accordance with the Company Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Systems.

Perform the assigned tasks with due diligence regarding the Integrated Management Systems on the Company.

Eliminate waste of whatever form, to suggest the use of more environmentally friendly substances and practices and contribute to the continuous improvement of the environment.


Teaching/Educational background  (Preferred)

ROV/Engineering/Survey background  (Preferred)

Degree/BSC/HND or equivalent in a relevant discipline  (Preferred)

Proficient in written and spoken English.   (Essential)



  Experience with teaching in a classroom environment  (Essential)


OI standard desktop software package.  (Preferred)

Word  (Essential)

Excel  (Essential)

MS Project  (Essential)

CTAG (Essential)

RTS Simulator (Preferred)

Para recrutar para esta e outras oportunidades interessantes, a Oceaneering irá participar no Fórum Careers in Africa London em Maio de 2014.

Os candidatos seleccionados serão contactados por um dos consultores da GCC dentro de duas semanas após a candidatura. Os candidatos bem-sucedidos terão a oportunidade de conhecer os HR Managers e os Line Managers durante o Fórum Careers in Africa.