Co-ordinator: Financial Systems

Job Description


  • A highly skilled and multicultural organisation
  • A dynamic and evolving field of Telecommunications
  • More detailed reporting on Corporate Governance in line with King II and IFRS
  • Dynamic legal and regulatory environment, including, IFRS, Tax rules, Companies’ Act and other legislation which impact the business
  • Evolving industry sector constantly presenting new challenges and opportunities to the core businesses
  • Rapid expansion of the Group, both in terms of size and geographic distribution

Key Performance Areas:

Key Tasks:

  • Provide application technical support and training to Hyperion users across the MTN Group.
  • Assist in implementing and deploying the Financial Data Quality Management (FDQM) system across the MTN Group of Companies.
  • Assist in managing Group operations in changes to their account structures to be in line with Group standards.
  • Support technical queries received from operations and Group finance by attending to them or delegating the query to the relevant person.
  • Providing and maintaining system access to users (provisioning).
  • Assist in creating and maintaining financial and non-financial reports using Financial BI Reporting Studio.
  • Assist in training FDQM users across the Opco’s.


Minimum Requirements

  • Education: Diploma in Information Systems, Computer Science


  • 2 years’ experience with financial reporting software
  • 1 year experience with either Hyperion Enterprise or Hyperion Financial Management and Financial Data Quality Management System
  • Visual Basic programming (limited)


  • Database integration software
  • Software Administrator courses
  • Advanced programming techniques



  • Some accounting knowledge with understanding of group structures implications
  • IT infrastructure set-up
  • Hyperion Financial Management, FDQM and programming
  • Software interfacing knowledge
  • Hyperion Planning (would be advantageous)

Skills / physical competencies:

  • Programming skills, preferably in Visual Basic
  • Project management skills
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • High tolerance towards uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Understanding of database structures and connectivity with different applications
  • Excellent knowledge of Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) and standard development methodologies.
  • Fluency in French would be an advantage¬†

KPA Quality Standards/ Measures (KPI’S for job)

Interface with MTN SA IT / IBM

  • Set agreed deliverables as per SLA
  • Ensure infrastructure requirements are met

Administrating HFM and FDQM applications

  • Control applications
  • Manage metadata structures
  • Control security access
  • Take ownership of logic rules

Ensuring application availability to users within the Group

  • Perform application reviews according to pre-defined user rights
  • Ensure connectivity to application and database for all users as per licensed rights

Provision of application support and training of Hyperion users

  • Resolving technical queries
  • Provision of application support and responding to application queries

Set-up of support function and query logging.

  • Generate policies and procedures for fault reporting and query logging

Development of variable user reporting requirements.

  • Develop Analyzer user reports as per predefined user requirements
  • Develop / enhance HFM Reports reporting functionality

Liaison with functional groups as to future application structure changes

  • Manage application, logic and metadata changes